Ibec Trade Associations

To reflect the distinct needs of our members, we have over 39 individual trade associations, each supported by a team of industry experts.

Ibec trade associations are established under the Ibec Rules and Byelaws which operate for the purposes of consultation, representation, and the provision of Ibec services to members of the Trade Association.

Each Trade Association comprises of an industry board, reflective of its membership, an elected Chair, Vice Chair and permanent secretariat who implement a policy development and stakeholder engagement strategy set by its members.  The boards of each trade association are required to comply with competition and other compliance obligations contained in the Ibec’s Trade Association Guidelines.

Ibec also run regular expert briefings, networking and industry-led training programmes for their members.

Our trade associations are strong brands in their own right and include Financial Services Ireland, Food Drink Ireland, The Irish Medtech Association, Small Firms Association, Technology Ireland, Property Ireland and Biopharmachem Ireland, to name but a few.

When you join Ibec, you also get access to an Ibec trade association that supports your industry sector. 

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Ibec Trade Associations

Aircraft Leasing Ireland
Audiovisual Ireland
Biopharmachem Ireland (BPCI)
Building Materials Federation (BMF)
Cement Manufacturers Ireland(CMI)
Childhood Services Ireland

Chocolate and Confectionery Council of Ireland

Cloud Infrastructure Ireland
Dairy Industry Ireland (DII)
Drinks Ireland
Drinks Ireland | Beer
Drinks Ireland | Cider
Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey
Drinks Ireland | Spirits
Drinks Ireland | Wine

Engineering Industries Ireland
Federation of Aerospace Engineering industries (FAEI)
Federation of Irish Renderers (FIR)
Financial Services Ireland (FSI)

Food Drink Ireland (FDI)
Foods for Special Medical Purposes
Forest Industries Ireland
Irish Beverage Council (IBC)
Irish Breakfast Cereals Association
Irish Bread Bakers Association (IBBA)
Irish Cold Storage Federation (ICSF)
Irish Cosmetics Detergents Association (ICDA)
Irish Decorative Surfaces Association (IDSCA)
Irish Medtech Association
Irish Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association
Meat Industry Ireland (MII)
Petfoods Association of Ireland (PFAI)
Polymer Technology Ireland
Property Industry Ireland (PII)
Retail Ireland
Small Firms Association (SFA)
Technology Ireland

Telecommunications Industry Ireland

White Goods Association (WGA)