Ibec is committed to building a strong economy and business climate in Ireland, which includes driving diversity and inclusion across our organisations. We recognise the enormous benefits of diverse thinking on business and innovation, as well as the individuals who work in these inclusive workspaces. We collaborate with a variety of stakeholders from representative groups, government officials, and business leaders, at a national and international level, to develop policy and practices that positively impact diverse groups and help businesses thrive.

To help with this evolution, this diversity and inclusion hub has been created to provide a one-stop-shop of useful guidance, examples of good practice, case studies, and templates.

We recognise that every journey is unique, that every business is different, and that the starting point, challenges and resources will vary between organisations and sectors. Our resource portal aims to provide you with clear direction and help at all levels.

Who is the Ibec D&I Resource Hub for?

The functional responsibility for diversity and inclusion in an organisation can vary from the human resources team, to diversity specialists, to operational managers who champion different diverse initiatives. However, for real progress in diversity and inclusion it is the responsibility of all business executives and people managers to understand diversity and inclusion and help to create a culture that fosters the values of inclusion.

The Ibec Diversity Hub can be accessed by anyone in our member organisations with responsibility for diversity and inclusion or a passion for fostering an inclusive environment.

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“Gender balance, diversity and inclusion are key to the competitiveness and growth of Irish business and to developing the workforce of the future.”

Kara McGann is Ibec's Head of Skills & Social Policy, and acts as strategic advisor and support on diversity and inclusion, skills and labour market policy and practices to Ibec member organisations.

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