Manufacturing in Ireland is one of the high performing engines of the Irish economy with clusters of world class manufacturing operations in sectors such as biopharmaceuticals, engineering, medical technology, building materials, and food production.

Each year, the manufacturing sector adds an impressive €13.4 billion in wages and employment taxes and continues to set new records, exporting goods worth €208 billion in 2022. Additionally, it shoulders a significant portion of our nation’s corporation tax revenue at over 44% (over €10 billion), ensuring that our government has the resources to support essential public services. There are 275,000 people employed throughout the regions in the Irish manufacturing sector, 11% of total employment in the economy.

Ibec's latest report ‘Manufacturing in Ireland – Unlocking Ireland’s Manufacturing Potential for the next Manufacturing Evolution’ highlights manufacturing success in Ireland, its fundamental importance to our economy and presents the results of an October 2023 survey, along with Ibec's recommendations for continued growth and success in this sector.

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For more than 30 years, Ibec and its 39 trade associations have delivered results for key sectors of the Irish Economy. We support thousands of businesses of every size, spanning every sector of the economy.

Together with our 39 trade associations, we promote a positive business environment in Ireland by campaigning for evidence-based policies that are formulated in consultation with our members.

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Sharon Higgins

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Representing all manufacturing sectors

Manufacturing in Ireland is a highly advanced sector spanning diverse industries including biopharmaceuticals, electronics, medical technology, and food production. Ibec has over 39 trade associations that support, champion, advocate, provide great knowledge sharing, networking and training for all these industries.

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