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Ep. 28  /  Ibec Voices

Talent to Thrive: A new Paradigm for Education and Enterprise

In this episode, Claire McGee, Ibec Head of Education and Innovation Policy, is joined by Dr Linda Doyle, Provost of Trinity College Dublin. Dr Doyle provides a compelling insight into Trinity College Dublin’s relationship with society, business and learners as it continues to lead in research, education and international networks.

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Ep. 27  /  Ibec Voices

Untouched Talent: A unique look at entrepreneurship through the lens of disability

Sharon Higgins, Ibec Executive Director of Membership and Sectors, is joined by Professor Thomas Cooney, Professor of Entrepreneurship at TUD, Claire Kennelly, Managing Director of Inclusive World Training, and Noel Joyce, lecturer at New York University Shanghai.

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Ep. 26  /  Ibec Responds

Talent to Thrive: EU Year of Skills

In this episode we explore the importance of lifelong learning to business and how Ibec is driving this important initiative. Nikki Gallagher, Ibec Head of Public Affairs, is joined by Claire McGee, Ibec Head of Education and Innovation Policy, and Meadhbh Costello, Ibec Social and Education Policy Executive.

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Ep. 15  /  KC Connect

The challenges and frequently asked questions around mandatory retirement age

Ibec experts Kevin Feighery and Aoife McFadden discuss challenges employers have in both fixing mandatory retirement ages and managing requests for longer working against the backdrop of imminent reform.

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Ep. 6  /  KC Connect

Steps employers in the private sector should take when preparing for pay negotiations

Ibec experts Fiona Higgins and Stephen Driver discuss the steps employers in the private sector should take when preparing for pay negotiations.

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Ep. 20  /  Ibec Voices

Exploring Ireland's Women in Finance Charter

Patricia Callan, Director of Financial Services Ireland at Ibec, speaks to Minister of State, Seán Fleming, Fernando Vicario, CEO of Bank of America Europe DAC and Country Executive for Ireland, and Emer O’Byrne, Interim Chief Underwriting Officer of FBD Insurance.

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Ep. 19  /  Ibec Voices

ESG- more than another acronym

Jackie King, Executive Director, Ibec Global, is joined by Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and Founder, Competent Boards, Catherine Cano, Founder and President, CanoVision, and Ali Karami-Ruiz, Senior Director, Strategic engagement and communications, Business at the OECD.

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Ep. 22  /  Ibec Responds

COP27: Reflections with Minister Eamon Ryan

In the final episode of our Ibec Responds mini-series on COP27, Fergal O’Brien, Ibec Executive Director of Lobbying and Influence, sits down with Minister Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Minister for Transport.

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