Who are we?

At Ibec, we support all Irish employers, not just private business. Our deep and trusted partnerships with a large and diverse community of over 130 public organisations and state enterprises encompasses some of the largest individual employers in the country. A unit of Ibec Networks, Ibec Public Sector provides a dedicated relationship hub and account manager to our public sector members, designed to maximise their overall Ibec experience and ensure their unique needs and interests are met through our core functions, as well as a suite of bespoke workstreams, events, services and supports. Ibec Public Sector also works to enshrine the voice of the Irish public sector in Ibec’s wider campaigns, public affairs and advocacy activities.

Who do we work with?

  • Universities, technological universities, and higher and further education and training providers;
  • Voluntary hospitals, and allied health, disability and social care providers;
  • State agencies – commercial and non-commercial;
  • Public, statutory and regulatory authorities;
  • Representative organisations of public bodies.

Learn more, connect and get involved! 

A unit of Ibec Networks, Ibec Public Sector is dedicated to maximising our relationships with members across the public sector and state enterprises. 

Head of Ibec Public Sector: Shane Lyster
Phone: 01 605 1500
E-mail: firstname.surname@ibec.ie