As we mark 50 years since Ireland joined the European Union, the support of Irish citizens at 83 percent remains among the highest across the continent and is consistent with the 1972 vote in support of membership.

The positive impact of EU membership is clear, helping Ireland on its journey from an inward-looking, protectionist economy to a highly competitive, innovative, globalised hub. The European single market and an outward-looking approach have provided greater opportunities to trade, attract investment, and foster a skilled and flexible workforce. A strong EU has helped shape a strong Ireland with economic and societal benefits flowing both ways.

Today’s Ireland is at the heart of Europe’s business ecosystem and international trading relationships, in food and drink, digital and technology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices and financial and retail services.

Now is the time for Ireland to take its place as a leading influencer to ensure the EU retains the economic approach and philosophy which has underpinned its success. By working with like-minded member states, Ireland can play a central role in ensuring the EU delivers on the challenges of our time and concentrates on its ‘raisons d'être’. An EU that is focussed on its strengths and competitiveness. An EU that leads an inclusive and innovative digital decade. An EU that puts sustainability at the heart of our prosperity. An EU that is open for trade and investment.

As the EU reflects on its future, this campaign sets out the views of Irish business on how the EU can deliver ambitious policies to the benefit of business, workers, and citizens.

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Ibec’s EU Affairs & Trade Policy Committee informs our positions and strategies across horizontal EU affairs, global trade policy and wider international economic and political issues impacting the environment for Irish business. We actively encourage all Ibec member companies with a particular interest or stake in EU and international affairs to participate and contribute to our activities.