An inclusive workplace is one whereby people of all identities and backgrounds can be themselves and contribute while feeling valued and included. This is a psychologically safe space for individuals of all social categories. In order to create this, organisations must ensure equal opportunities for marginalised groups to participate, while maintaining fairness for non-marginalised groups.

We understand that this can be sometimes challenging for businesses. While some areas of diversity are mandated, there is an appetite to go further and achieve inclusion that levels the playing field and offers real prospects and opportunities.

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Ibec wants to support workplaces with their inclusion policies and practices at all stages of their journey. In order to achieve this, we have taken a deeper look into areas vital to building diversity and inclusion, such as:

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“Gender balance, diversity and inclusion are key to the competitiveness and growth of Irish business and to developing the workforce of the future.”

Kara McGann is Ibec's Head of Social Policy, and acts as strategic advisor and support on diversity and inclusion, skills and labour market policy and practices to Ibec member organisations.

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