Childhood Services Ireland (CSI) is the Ibec trade association representing childcare providers across the country. The childcare sector in Ireland looks after more than 200,000 children in 4,600 childcare services and employs almost 31,000 childcare professionals. CSI brings together childcare providers from a diverse range of services as the strong unifying voice of providers in Ireland.

The childcare sector in Ireland has suffered from years of inactivity in policy developments and structural improvements since the foundation of the State. The Government in recent years have made evident efforts to improve the sustainability and quality of the sector but it has become increasingly apparent that efforts must be significantly improved and refocused to make a positive impact on the ever increasing issues faced by children, parents, providers, and practitioners.

The CSI Council was established in February 2021 and consists of Early Years providers from all service types within the sector. Stephanie Roy, CSI Director, manages the operations of the CSI executive. The CSI Council and CSI team are all dedicated to the betterment of the sector and engage constructively on policy formulation through evidence-based research.

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