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The Irish economy continues to perform strongly with full employment, but this brings its own labour market and infrastructural challenges. When these challenges are combined with wars across continents, sustainability challenges, rapid technological advances, supply chain disruptions and rising business costs, it is important to have an organisation that can support you.

Ibec works to ensure that Irish business interests are safeguarded and promoted against this backdrop. To navigate this complex landscape, Ibec and our 39 Trade Associations actively support a sustainable business future in Ireland by advocating for policies that deliver for your enterprise locally and globally through our lobbying and professional services.

Ibec Impact highlights the many ways your business has benefit from this work and all the services and support that we provide for our members.

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Ibec Customer Charter

Our customer charter sets out our standards and commitments to all our customers throughout their experience with us, whether they be members, customers, strategic partners, internal and external stakeholders. Our 16 commitments ensure we deliver, innovate, and support for all our customers.

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Danny McCoy, CEO

"Ibec takes leadership positions on key current and future issues to reduce uncertainty for business and support a balanced and prosperous society."