While Ibec lobbies to ensure the right economic climate for your business to thrive, we also provide a range of valuable professional services directly to your business. Ibec Global, our international business division, equips business leaders with the knowledge and skills to succeed on the global stage, as well as opportunities to engage publicly and privately at the highest level.

Our Employer Relations teams support your business with insights, expert guidance, and representation in the areas of workplace relations, industrial relations, strategic HR and OHS. We keep you informed with our trackers, regulatory insights, benchmarking reports, networking opportunities and management training.

Membership of Ibec also affords your company strong brand visibility as an authoritative voice within your industry when engaging with industry stakeholders.

Your business is better with Ibec. 

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The inside track / For your company

Providing industry, regulatory and technical advice

Through our trade associations, and our industry experts, we provided leadership and direction on key strategic issues, keep members ahead of industry trends and inform them on policy and regulatory legislation through in-house briefings, industry trackers, reports and research. S

Examples of our industry trackers include the Retail Monitor, Property & Construction industry update, FDI Regulatory Tracker and the Medical Device Directive.

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Credible economic, industry and HR research to best prepare your business

We prepare over 40 pieces of research and insights annually to guide your business. We offer quarterly Economic Outlook which offers in-depth analysis of the most recent Irish and international economic developments as well as our forecasts on economic growth, inflation and employment. Check out this and all our research.

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Supporting you with diversity and inclusion

Ibec is at the forefront of creating inclusive workplaces. Ibec’s recently launched D&I hub providing support, guidance and insight for your diversity and inclusion journey.

We recognise that every journey is unique, that every business is different, and that the starting point, challenges and resources will vary between organisations and sectors. Our resource portal aims to provide you with clear direction and help at all levels with case studies and practical, actionable advice, including support with preparing Gender Pay Gap reporting.

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Access and insights on the international stage

Ibec Global is Europe’s leading English-speaking business organisation connecting international businesses and supporting their commercial growth. The global team facilitate high-level Engagement & Facilitation for members, an example being the delegation of business leaders we took to the United States for our annual St. Patrick’s week outreach programme with key stakeholders.  The team also produces Divergence Watch, a new quarterly publication, informing leaders on the shifting relationship between the EU and the UK across different business sectors and highlights the key areas businesses should keep a close eye on in coming months.

Read the latest Divergence Watch

Employer relations services and support

Ibec’s highly skilled and trained IR team have make submissions and attend Oireachtas committees meetings on behalf of employers relating to many employment issues including statutory sick pay, the right to request remote working, the four day working week and the transposition of EU Directives such of the Work Life Balance Directive.

In 2022, our ER teams opened 1,715 employment cases and represented members in 800 cases at the WRC and Labour Court. Unlike a professional services firm, we do not charge members on a case-by-case basis. Nor do we charge for meetings, drafting documentation, reviewing policies or representation.

Last year, we have 18,000 member support calls to our Knowledge Centre and discussed in detail many employment topics. With over 100 KC Connects in 15 Webinars and KC Connects and Work talks Podcasts, we delivere engaging bite-sized information to help you navigate all aspects of employment law.

Our HR Link and web content contains up to date summaries on employment legislation and case summaries as they emerge.

Integrating wellbeing into your organisation

Ibec’s KeepWell™ Mark programme has helped over 120 companies take a strategic approach to wellbeing for improved business performance. We do this through our wellbeing accreditation; The KeepWell™ Mark, and via the KeepWell™ Community programme which offers training on building effective wellbeing strategies, along with clinics, webinars, and networking events.

Read the Boston Scientific Case Study in Wellbeing Success

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Keeping you up-to-date on new environment and H&S legislation

Ibec Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) legislation tracker that provides subscribers with details of ongoing and new developments in Environmental Health and Safety legislation both nationally and at a European level.

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Impactful customised programmes for your company

With over 30 years' experience working with a range of organisations, across all sectors, Ibec Academy will work with you to design and deliver a customised, impactful and highly relevant solution, designed to transform your people, performance levels and overall results, based on leading industry knowledge, expertise and real experience. Our partnership approach with your company can incorporate accredited programmes and newly themed courses in ESG, Diversity and Inclusion, strategy, innovation and wellbeing along with our core areas of expertise including management, leadership, and coaching.

We delivered 320 customised programmes in 2022 delivering tangible business results.

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