Ibec Trade Associations / Championing industry

With 39 trade associations in the Ibec group, ranging from FinTech, to MedTech, food and drinks to retail, property to SME, Ibec champions and lobbies for the right support and policies to enable these industries to thrive and be world-class.

Discover the impact Ibec’s trade associations made in 2022 with our report ‘Impact 2022’ which captures the many interventions and contributions the associations have all made on behalf of their members this past year.

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Industry-led subsidised learning solutions

Ibec understands the critical importance of skills to building stronger industries. Ibec partners with Skillnet Ireland, Higher Education Authority and Solas to deliver funded industry-led learning solutions to enable businesses to develop their talent in innovative and responsive ways.

We have 11 Skillnet Networks, 8 Apprenticeship programmes and the Ibec Springboard providing over 1,375 programmes designed to meet the talent needs of business and drive industry competitiveness.

Last year, Ibec collaborated with over 3,000 companies to design and deliver programmes for over 26,000 people in areas that address the current and future, technical and non-technical skills required for their industry.