The COVID-19 pandemic has caused profound economic and social shocks globally. In response, Reboot & Reimagine is an Ibec campaign with an ambitious national recovery plan and a pathway for a sustainable economy and society in Ireland. 

In the first report of our campaign, which follows an exhaustive engagement with members, large and small, across our policy committees and then 37 trade associations, we deliver over 200 policy recommendations. 

Our Reboot plans are fully costed and outlined in three steps – the first 100 days of a new Government, to the end of 2020, and to the end of 2023. They call for far greater scale in the State’s response and challenges Ireland to be bold and decisive as we seek to overcome the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic. 

In Reimagine, we must have the confidence to look beyond COVID-19. The pandemic has hastened fundamental change in the workplace via an expanded digital economy and in the demand for and provision of greater flexibility in working arrangements. Ireland needs new policies and a revised social dialogue model to help deliver effective solutions to COVID-19, Brexit, climate action and housing.

Join us in advocating for recovery and reinvention in our campaign, Reboot & Reimagine. 

Ibec Reboot Reimagine Campaign pdf | 9434.6 kb

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