Get people back to work

Increase employment support funding through JobsPlus scheme
This scheme is a proven way to get people back to work and supports should be increased and targeted at the most impacted sectors and regions. 

Ramp up support for labour market activation programmes
Building on the lessons of the last crisis, increased supports and new programmes should be provided to support jobseekers, with a focus on youth unemployment and severely impacted sectors and regions. 

Reform the social welfare and social insurance systems
Long-term reform will be needed for both the social welfare and social insurance systems. We have faced two crises in just over a decade during which the social insurance model has failed to adequately support those who lost their jobs.  

Increase funding for training and upskilling and safeguard the National Training Fund (NTF) 
In addition to funding available through the NTF, targeted training and learning programmes will be needed for SMEs and incentives required to support industry uptake of apprenticeships. 

Substantially increase funding for higher education
The wider higher education sector requires €400 million to support core, programmatic funding and infrastructure needs and to address the losses incurred as a result of the crisis. It must also see its long-term funding model put on a sustainable basis.