Engagement and crisis management

January 01, 0001

Establish a more extensive social dialogue model

A well-functioning social dialogue model is vital in a time of crisis and recovery in order to help build confidence and trust in public policy responses. Government needs to reset Ireland’s engagement with employers and trade unions in a more structured consultation and engagement model which can support recovery and address long-term societal issues such as climate change, social protection models, and housing and wider aspects of quality of life.  

Extend the national risk assessment model to include stronger private sector role

The State should be commended on both its risk assessment prior to the crisis and the work of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) in coordinating a comprehensive whole of Government response to the crisis. However, many elements of the private sector, ranging from private health providers to a broad population of essential services businesses, are also key elements of a comprehensive national crisis response. 

Future crisis planning preparedness work should factor in the essential role that the private sector plays in supporting a functioning economy and society in times of national emergency. This should also be reflected in the response structures dealing with the ongoing aspects of the current crisis.