Reimagine a better Ireland

Support remote working 
A combination of tax relief and other supports should be put in place in order to incentivise greater levels of home and remote working. This will have many environmental, social, regional development, and quality of life benefits.  
Improve quality and deliver greater funding for childcare

The Early Learning and Care Services (ELC) needs to be put on a sustainable funding footing and requires a more effective and streamlined inspectorate model. These changes are essential in order to deliver a higher quality childcare service.  

Prioritise and resource the digital opportunity

The crisis has demonstrated the importance of the digital economy and the potential opportunities it holds for economic recovery. A whole of Government approach, led by a new Minister for Digital Affairs, should prioritise cybersecurity, digital innovation, adoption of digital in education and public services, and include adequately resourced digital and AI roadmaps. 
Step up our sustainability ambition 

The Climate Action Bill should be adopted immediately by the new Government and it should work with social partners to build consensus for an ambitious, cost-effective and equitable emissions reduction pathway. Through a new Circular Economy Action Plan Ireland should aim to become a world leader in resource efficiency and innovative value creation.  
Roll out an ambitious national deep retrofit programme
Deploy a new delivery and financing model, increase annual funding to €600m, and use the recovery phase to begin upgrading large sections of our building stock to B1 and A BER ratings.