Seize international opportunities and respond to Brexit

Advocate for open and progressive EU policies 
The EU must ensure that full free movement of goods, services and labour is restored as quickly as possible, including implementation of ‘Green Lanes’ to support supply chains. Further developing the EU Single Market, particularly for digital and other services, will be important to boost economic recovery.  
Ensure flexibility in EU rules to support recovery

This should include revisions to the EU fiscal rules in order to support investment and ongoing flexibility in the EU State Aid rules in order to facilitate targeted sectoral recovery plans.  

Leveraging EU funding sources to finance recovery and growth 

Government must ensure business has clear pathways to the supports available through the European Investment Bank (EIB) and other funding sources. 

Promote internationalisation and the benefits of free trade post-Brexit
The crisis has intensified the risks of deglobalisation, and Ireland must advocate stronger than ever for the benefits of strong and open trade relationships with the UK, US and other trading partners. Key priorities must be a successful conclusion to negotiations on a Future EU-UK relationship and removing tariffs imposed on transatlantic trade.  

Protect and develop the all-island economy
The Northern Ireland Protocol must be effectively implemented with detailed business consultations. All-island infrastructure and connectivity should be prioritised and coordinated in the recovery and investment plans across the two jurisdictions. Our post-Brexit relationship with the UK must facilitate both North-South and East-West trade.