Stimulate Investment

January 01, 0001

Refresh the NDP and increase its lifetime budget by €25 billion
A timely and effective review of the NDP can support a major investment stimulus across the economy and in all regions. Projects already in the pipeline can be brought forward and new projects up to a value of €25 billion (consisting of Exchequer and other financing) should be added to the existing plan. These should be climate proofed.  

Deliver quality and affordable homes
Put in place a new long-term national housing strategy to deliver quality and affordable homes. Fast track the legislative passage of the Land Development Agency Bill before the end of 2020 and develop a new public procurement strategy to accelerate the delivery of social housing and support innovation by using modern construction methods. 
Reduce capital project delivery timelines by 50%

Planning systems and timelines, procurement processes, and project delivery timescales need to be streamlined and improved to deliver projects rapidly and ensure that investment plans, such as the National Broadband Plan and the wider NDP, benefit the economy as quickly as possible.  
Encourage non-Exchequer finance for infrastructure 
The existing NDP is excessively reliant on Exchequer funding and fails to optimise the benefits of other financing options. The NDP review must include the publication of a new PPP pipeline to include major transport, housing, education and health projects. 

Ramp up regional development investments 
Our regions will be disproportionately impacted by the crisis and will need targeted interventions. The National Planning Framework should be fully delivered to support regional investment and a new €200 million annual town growth fund should be rolled out to support the revitalisation of town centres. Funding for urban and rural regeneration should also be accelerated.