Nutritional Points

Here is a sneak peek at some of the nutrition discussion points that can be found in your Healthy Heroes Lunch Club Pack!


A healthy lunch box should provide energy to meet a child’s needs during the school day. It should be rich in protein, and high in starch and fibre.
A healthy lunch is divided into four main groups:

  1. A protein rich sandwich
  2. A portion of fruit
  3. A portion of vegetables
  4. 4. A source of dairy food to provide calcium and protein

A protein rich sandwich

Every single cell in the human body is partly made up of protein; you need protein in your diet to make new cells and repair old ones – they are essentially the building blocks of life. It’s also hugely important for growth and development.



Fruit provides fibre and antioxidants (these help keep cells strong), and may help prevent cancer and heart disease. It also provides some vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C (found in oranges) and potassium (found in bananas).




Vegetables can provide vitamin A and vitamin K, as well as fibre and important nutrients for healthy hair and skin. They can be eaten as part of a meal or as a snack.


Milk and foods made from milk are called dairy foods. They are healthy sources of calcium, iodine, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, which are needed for healthy bones and teeth. Dairy foods also provide a range of other vitamins and minerals as well as being a great source of protein.