Here is a sneak peek at some of the activities you can find in the Healthy Heroes Lunch Club Pupil Booklet. In the booklet, you will find activities suitable for both junior and senior level pupils that can be played outside, in the PE hall, or inside the classroom.

Junior Activity

Dice Dance
The leader writes the number from 1 to 6 on the board. Ask the children to contribute ideas for dance moves for each number, e.g. throw a 1 = wave your hands in the air. Once all six dance moves have been decided, the leader asks various children to throw the dice and call out the number rolled. The rest of the children have to do the dance move for that number. You can have great fun trying lots of different dance moves each time.

Senior activity

Goal Line Relay
You need a ball and a marked start and finish (goal) line for this game. Divide the players into teams of four or five. The players stand single file behind a starting line with the first person in line holding the ball. When the leader says “go”, the first player in line runs to the goal line opposite their team holding the ball. They stand with their feet behind the goal line and throw the ball back to the second player in line. That second player has to catch the ball and run to the goal line, standing in front of the first player. They throw the ball back to the next player in line, i.e. the first player and the game continues like this until all the players have crossed the goal line opposite their team. The first team to get all their team across the goal line is the winner. (This can be made a bit trickier by asking the players to hop/skip instead of running each time).

Brain busting activities

It is important to keep you brain active too! In order to help keep your mind as active as your body, download and print our brain busting activities below:


We want the help of the oldest kids in school, to set up a Committee to teach the kids in the years below you some fun Activities, Games and inspire Good Eating Habits! If you’re up for the Challenge, the aim of your Committee will be to organise healthy activities and to set a good example for the younger kids at lunchtime, through good nutrition. Check out the Introduction Videos for more information and keep up-to-date on monthly challenges. 


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