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Welcome to the Healthy Heroes Lunch Club!

This is a schools-based programme that helps to foster a sense of leadership, teamwork and communication skills, to encourage children to choose healthy lunch options, to educate them about nutrition and to boost their activity levels during the school day, all whilst having lots of fun. Over 600 schools across the island of Ireland signed up to participate in this year’s programme. 

Healthy Heroes follows a peer teaching model where older children (usually 5th and 6th classes) mentor younger pupils on nutrition and the importance of being active. It includes suggestions for various healthy lunches, ideas for physical activities, and fun challenges for pupils. 

Since the programme began in 2014, over 1,500 schools nationwide have taken part in the Healthy Heroes Lunch Club. Feedback from teachers informed us that pupils didn’t just benefit by learning about nutrition and being more active during lunchtime, they also learned to work together, grew in confidence, and developed leadership and communication skills.

We hope that you find these materials (see attachments below) helpful and beneficial too, and if you have any questions, please email us at