Economic, technological and social changes mean people are moving between working and non-working life more often during their lives. Often by choice, but sometimes because of economic circumstances.

However, while careers may be less predictable, people should be able to trust in work. Workers should be able to make plans for their lives without unnecessary inconveniences and risks to their careers. Employment interruptions and transitions need to be organised in such a way that workers have the necessary support structure to combine working and non-working life.

Smooth transition between work and non-working life is a crucial element in the quality of work and employment. It is key to enabling more people to participate and remain in the workforce and combine paid work with other responsibilities and activities, including family. The current employment, social protection and pensions systems need far-reaching reform. These should not be regarded as services we turn to only in tough times. Instead they should provide pro-active, innovative and responsive supports, in tune with the needs of a dynamic and rapidly changing society and labour market.


Ibec Parenting Toolkit 29 July 2021 pdf | 795 kb