Ireland is a huge beneficiary of globalisation. It has a business model of substance with depth, diversity, and years of tactical policy planning and implementation behind it.

Ireland has a diversity of industries; which do R&D and high-value manufacturing and it generates indigenous firms of scale with outward investment. It is one resilient enough to have emerged strongly from the recent global recession with the highest growth and population rates in the European Union.

This Ibec campaign tells the story of the Irish business model, how it has developed and what it looks like today. We use six qualities to characterise the substance of the Irish business model: evolution; global footprint; full business life cycle; world class; global hub; and clusters.

The need for this campaign has arisen from misconceptions about the structure and nature of the Irish business model both domestically and internationally. The aim is to use the narrative to inform business and other stakeholders. 

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The Ibec Podcast

Ireland's changing economy

04 March 2019 - Ireland’s business model is undergoing significant change with three distinct economic cycles now evident. Ibec CEO Danny McCoy joins the podcast this week to discuss the evolving complexity of our economy and why the speed at which change is taking place requires fresh thinking and new policy responses.


The Ibec Podcast

EU Digital Tax, what it means for Irish business

13 November 2018 - Siobhán Masterson talks to Ibec's Head of Tax and Fiscal Policy Gerard Brady about the proposed EU Digital Tax, what it means for Irish business and what are the next steps.


The Ibec Podcast

The Rise of the Intangible Economy, with Professor Jonathan Haskel

6 April 2018 - Following his keynote speech at the Ibec Business Leaders Conference, Professor Jonathan Haskel joins the Ibec Podcast to give insights into the rise of the intangible economy and what Irish business can learn from it.


The Ibec Podcast

The Ibec Podcast on Digital Tax

28 March 2018 - Ibec's Director of Policy and Public Affairs Fergal O'Brien and Head of Tax and Fiscal Policy Ger Brady talk about the EU proposed digital tax. What is the tax, who will it affect and why would it be particularly bad for Ireland?