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The first Bakers’ Guild charter in Ireland was granted in 1478 by King Edward IV, from which arose (no pun intended!) many Bakers’ Guilds or Societies in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland. The Boot Lane Society and Little Britain St. Society were among the most prominent of these, starting in 1847. There were a great many “journeymen” bakers who would travel around the country wherever the work brought them. As Dublin’s oldest bakery, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien was founded in 1835 and has 187 years of tradition baking bread.

The Johnston family first set up a bakery in Ballsbridge, Dublin before joining forces with master bakers Mooney and O’Brien to share their baking expertise and craftsmanship. Needless to say JMOB has undergone many changes since then. By the 1890’s Johnston Mooney and O’Brien started to specialise in made-to-order birthday and wedding cakes. In the 1920’s, they had ten Bread and Cake shops all around Dublin to keep up with demand! It was JMOB (as it’s often referred to!) who first introduced the ‘sliced loaf’ to Ireland in the 1930’s. Bread was delivered across the city by horse and cart. By the 1960’s, horse and cart deliveries were replaced with a new fleet of electric vans – very sustainable and green, ahead of its time!

JMOB has been synonymous with the best in baking tasty breads and morning goods every day for Irish families. Baking for them is a real passion! Their craft bakers are proud that they only use the finest ingredients to perfect recipes for a first class range of bread products. Their dedication to quality is what makes their bread so wholesome and is the embodiment of the tradition at Johnston Mooney & O’Brien. Craft and skill have been passed down from generation to generation of master bakers.

These days, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien has two bakeries, one in Finglas, Dublin and the other in Clonee, Co.Meath, baking bread that’s steeped in tradition. Everyone knows the Butterkrust Family pan, but that’s not all! The thick sliced Toastie pan and Door Steps are also firm favourites – what’s better than white sliced pan toasted and spread with real butter?!

While tradition and history are very important to JMOB, equally important is sustainability and keeping up with the times. It was with this in mind that the bakeries were were converted to 100 LED lighting in past four years. JMOB is also conscious of increasing their recyclable waste, and the waste split has gone from 30% recycled in 2018 up to 50% today, with more improvements being implemented all the time.

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