The employer pays the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship. In all cases, the rate of pay is agreed between the employer and the apprentice.



1. Scales verbal (instruct) – Understanding of basic instructions – for analysis and screening for all activities that require an understanding of basic instructions particularly in the selection of apprentices and administrative staff. Timed for 12 minutes.

2. Scales mtu – Mechanical reasoning – for analysis and screening for professions which require an understanding of mechanical and technical contexts such as technicians and mechatronic engineers, also highly suitable for apprentices. Timed for 20 minutes.


Yes, companies use their standard recruitment processes

For an employer to get approved to train apprentices in a particular occupation, s/he must demonstrate that they have the capacity and the ability to provide quality, relevant on-the-job training to apprentices as per the requirements of the national apprenticeship programme and the statutory apprenticeship system overall. An Authorised Officer (AO) from your local Education and Training Board carries out a site visit to the employer's premises and the employer is formally assessed. The AO makes a recommendation to SOLAS on the employer's suitability to deliver the programme. If the employer is not initially approved, the AO will work with the employer to identify what requirements remain to be met and the employer can be re-assessed

Company pays apprentice salary for both on and off the job phases which is set by individual company. Government pays for college training and an annual apprentice registration fee of €1,500 applies