Skillnet membership and benefits

Engineering Skillnet Programmes have been designed to reflect the learning and development needs of our sector. The benefits of joining Engineering Skillnet include:

  • Free Membership to anyone in the Irish engineering sector.
  • Members receive 37% off training.
  • Quality and relevant training for the sector.
  • Opportunity to provide input into the development of specific industry training courses.
  • Opportunity to network and learn from others in the industry.

Engineering Skillnet supports member companies by:

  • Assisting businesses to identify current and future skills gaps.
  • Developing quality programmes to enhance employee skills and help companies remain competitive.
  • Achieving value for money for industry specific training programmes.
  • Provide certified and non-certified programmes at a subsidised rate.
  • Access to other member companies with the industry.
  • Opportunities to attend seminars, conferences, and other formal events in the area of both learning and engineering.

To join, simply email to be added to our mailing list.