Diversity and Inclusion calendar

To foster an inclusive culture, it is important to openly endorse the cultures and communities, you support. Those who currently work in your organisation or may in the future. Strategically planning your celebrations in advance serves as an excellent way to educate, raise awareness or funds, show representation to under-represented groups and genuinely celebrate diversity.

It should always be noted that celebrates of diversity should always be done in conjunction with meaningful policies that ensures inclusion.

Below we have complied key dates for your calendar:

4 January - World Braille Day
World Braille Day promotes accessibility and can help promote an organisations commitment to an inclusive workplace. It might serves as an opportunity to highlight other assistive technology for the visually impaired. In all celebrations you should champion the rights of visually impaired people.

15 January - Blue Monday
Blue Monday is marketed as the most depressing day of the year. It serves as an opportunity to look at your wellbeing offerings and initiatives.  The Ibec KeepWell Mark would encourage businesses to look at wellbeing across key areas of workplace wellbeing ranging from leadership, mental health and absence management to physical activity and healthy eating.

24 January - International Day of Education
International Day of Education is vital to an organisations commitment to life long learning and learning and development. A culture of curiosity and learning is paramount to staying agile and adaptable to emerging skills demands.

4 February - World Cancer Day
Businesses should acknowledge World Cancer Day to demonstrate empathy and support for employees affected by cancer, fostering a compassionate workplace culture. Celebrating this day should raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

10 February - Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon)
Celebrating Chinese New Year promotes cultural diversity, enhancing employee engagement and fostering a harmonious workplace.

11 February - International Day of Women and Girls in Science
By commemorating this day, businesses can underscore their commitment to gender equality, committing to full and equal access and participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields.

14 February - Ibec Diversity Forum Meeting
Ibec's Diversity Forum is offers a platform to share and learn on significant Diversity and Inclusion topics through a mix of internal and external experts and as well as peer to peer sharing.

20 February - UN World Day of Social Justice
Social justice underpins everything in Diversity and Inclusion. This day is used to raise voices against social injustice and remove barriers. Celebrating this day enables businesses to reaffirm their dedication to fair and equitable practices, fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes social responsibility and justice.

23 February - International Stand up to Bullying Day
Businesses should mark this day to highlight their commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace, raising awareness about the importance of preventing bullying and promoting respectful interactions among employees.

1st March - Traveller Ethnicity Day

Irish Travellers persistently encounter high levels of discrimination, poverty and unemployment. This national day presents an opportunity to deepen understanding of Traveller culture, the barriers the barriers they confront and acknowledge their valuable contributions.

Commemorating this day provide a platform to help dismantle stereotypes and contribute to a more inclusive narrative surrounding Travellers.

3 March - WHO World Hearing Day

The purpose of this day is to enhance awareness regarding hearing care, emphasizing the repercussions of unaddressed hearing loss and underscoring the significance of early identification and interventions for hearing impairments. This occasion provides with the space to promote employee health, while raising awareness about hearing issues.

8 March - International Women's Day
International Women's Day is a worldwide observance dedicated to commemorating the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women. It serves as a celebration of women's historical achievements and embodies an ongoing commitment to advancing gender equality. Marking International Women's Day reaffirms a commitment to gender equality, empowering women in the workplace, and advocating for inclusive policies that promote diversity.

15th March - International Day to Combat Islamophobia

Islamophobic sentiment is often experienced by Muslims across the world including Ireland. By observing this day, businesses can demonstrate their stance against discrimination, fostering a workplace environment that respects and values individuals of all backgrounds.

21 March - The UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

31 March - International Transgender Day of Visibility

Stress awareness month

2 April - World Autism Awareness Day

8 April - International Roma Day

25 April - InternationalGirls in ICT Day

26 April - National Workplace Wellbeing Day

15 May - Ibec Diversity Forum

17 May - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

18 May - Global Accessibility Awareness Day

21 May - Cultural Diversity Day

Pride month 

1 June - International Children's Day

18 June - Autistic Pride Day

20 June - National Refugee Day

23 June - Women in Engineering Day

Disability Pride Month

2 July - National Diversity and Inclusion Day

1-7 July - Traveller Pride Week

14 July - International Non-Binary People's Day

19 August - World Humanitarian Day

August - Many organisations do a bring your daughter or niece to work day during this month.

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