Consumer information

A detergent is a cleaning, hygiene and surface care product - in other words, products associated with cleaning.

They range from soaps, washing powders, household disinfectants, air care and polishes, to the wide range of professional cleaning and hygiene products used in industrial and institutional applications.

Detergents play an important part in our everyday lives providing cleanliness in our homes and for our personal hygiene. Detergents are sold in several formats, traditional powders, unit dose tablets, concentrated liquids and liquid capsules and come in a range of variants to meet consumers needs on cleaning, skin care, fabric care and fragrances.

Ancillary products
Many manufacturers also produce and market ancillary laundry products such as Fabric Conditioners, Specialist stain removers, pre-treaters, and Ironing aids.

Product Safety
All the detergent products on the Irish market are fully tested and meet all EU guidelines for safe use and storage. In addition, most manufacturers operate consumer care lines with advice on the correct use of their products.

The Detergents Regulation covers the manufacturing, sale and use of detergents.