Detergents Industry Profile

European cleaning products industry

The overall total household value in 2013 is estimated at 28.5 billion euros.( 28.2 billion euros in 2012) Show a growth of approximately 1.0 %( based on Fixed exchange rates) for more market information please visit

Interesting facts about the European cleaning products industry

In Europe 37.65 billion laundry washes are done every year which equates to:

  • 722 million washes per week
  • 103 million washes per day
  • 1200 washes per second

Only 49% of wash loads are fully loaded in Europe. If all loads were washed full, 715 million litres of water a day would be saved.

The average temperature of a machine wash is 42.6 degrees

Only 30% of loads are washed at 30 degrees or lower, and 19% are still washed at 60 degrees or higher.

In spite of the fact that they usually measure the amount of detergent they put in the machine (79%), only 65% of consumers dose according to the recommendations provided by manufacturers (with differences among regions eg 56% in Western Europe and 73% in Eastern Europe).

It is therefore important to read the label and continue promoting the guidance provided for optimal dosing.

The detergents industry in Ireland comprises mainly of Laundry and Dishwashing detergents for household consumer use. Detergents are also used extensively for industrial purposes on manufacturing production lines such as bottling plants and also for hygiene care in hospitals, factories and many other institutions.