About us

ALI’s core objectives

  • Maintain and develop Ireland’s position as the leading global centre for aircraft leasing through direct collaboration and communication with Irish government, relevant government bodies and other relevant stakeholders and business associations
  • Be the central representative voice both at a policy level and in media on behalf of the aircraft leasing industry in Ireland
  • Include key external stakeholders in formulating industry positions (educational, professional services)

ALI Council overall remit

  • Ultimate decision-making body, including for urgent/ad hoc industry issues
  • Conduct lobbying on behalf of industry

ALI Council structure 

  • The Council will hold two meetings per year, scheduled at the start of the year and will be made up of the following:
  • One senior representative nominated from each leasing company member (delegable when necessary and with Chairperson’s permission)
  • One senior representative (non-delegable) from external advisers KPMG, PwC, UCD (which may evolve over time to include alternate advisers)
  • ALI Chairperson is a member of Financial Services Ireland Executive Board
  • ALI Chairperson’s tenure to be rotated on two-year basis
  • ALI Vice Chairperson to be nominated by ALI Council to succeed Chairperson at end of two-year term
  • Ad hoc/extraordinary meetings to be called by the ALI Chairperson as necessary.

ALI work programme

Agenda items to include but are not limited to:

  • Expansion of Ireland’s Double Taxation Treaty Network, and updating of existing network with focus on quality and relevance of provisions
  • Maintenance of a competitive tax, legislative and regulatory environment in Ireland as against emerging jurisdictions
  • Development of new and existing education and skills initiatives e.g. legal/contract management, technical apprenticeship programmes
  • Initiatives to attract and retain talent to the industry
  • Advocating for better social infrastructure to support inward investment (transport, housing, broadband, schools)
  • Competitive global flight connectivity between Ireland and emerging markets
  • Recognition/support for associated industries, including Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul and aviation finance.

Other activities

  • ALI Secretariat (Financial Services Ireland) to promote the sector and to arrange events/seminars of relevance and value to ALI members
  • ALI to develop a three-year strategic plan to action priority areas
  • ALI to proactively respond in business and industry media where appropriate
  • Representation on industry panels and at industry events where appropriate
  • Representation to government (such as pre-Budget submissions and treaty representations)


  • ALI membership through Financial Services Ireland (FSI)
  • FSI to provide secretariat, account management and co-ordination, and registration of ALI lobbying activities

Membership is open to:

  • All aircraft leasing companies
  • Selected experts working in related services (as determined by the members of the ALI Council) 
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