Over 60% of the world’s leased aircraft are managed from Ireland. The industry is built on over 40 years of experience, since the founding of Guinness Peat Aviation in 1975.

Maintain and develop Ireland’s position as the leading global centre for aircraft leasing through direct collaboration and communication with Irish government, relevant government bodies and other relevant stakeholders and business associations.

Areas of focus
Expansion of Ireland’s Double Taxation Treaty Network, and updating of existing network with focus on quality and relevance of provisions

  • Maintenance of a competitive tax, legislative and regulatory environment in Ireland
  • Representation to government (such as pre-Budget submissions and treaty representations)


How to get involved

ALI Council 
The ALI Council is the decision-making body of the association and comprises one senior representative nominated from each leasing company member. Membership of ALI is open to aircraft leasing companies with a presence in Ireland.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Bowen (firstname.surname@ibec.ie).