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The Currency
By his own admission, Danny McCoy has been writing and talking about sustainable development for more than three decades. Back in 1992, he gave a lecture at Trinity College on the topic, and 30 years later, during his term as President of the Statistical & Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, McCoy presented an updated version of the paper to an audience in Áras an Uachtaráin for his presidential address. The terms may change – sustainable development has morphed into ESG – but the underlying principles remain the same, centring on the positive impact corporations and businesses can, and should, have…

"Hard to tell the dancer from the dance" Danny McCoy on the importance - and challenges - of the S in ESG

The Currency

"The best defence is a good offence.” This well-worn mantra sits at the core of three decades of success for Mark Kramer in bringing the social in ESG to the forefront of thinking at some of the world’s biggest corporations, foundations, intergovernmental bodies and non-profits. The co-founder of Foundation Strategy Group (FSG), a leading social impact consulting firm, Kramer has worked to bring for-profit solutions to social problems and create business strategies with clients and partners for positive social impact. While these days he takes more of a backseat on the day-to-day running of the firm, sitting on the board,…

Social to the core: Mark Kramer on why looking out for the social good is also good for the bottom line

The Irish Times

The concept of profit with purpose is well understood, but purpose with profit is not as widely known. This will be among the topics for discussion at Ibec’s inaugural S in ESG Summit which takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel Dublin on November 30th. Keynote speaker Mark Kramer is a recognised global authority on strategies that drive competitive advantage by leveraging business opportunities with social impact. A former Harvard Business School lecturer, Kramer is a founder of social impact consultancy FSG and a partner in Congruence Capital, a newly launched impact investing hedge fund.

The social benefit of better pay and conditions can produce competitive advantage

CEO Update

See the latest update from our CEO, Danny McCoy on addressing cost competitiveness issues and securing Ireland's economic future

The Irish Examiner

Across Europe, major economies from the UK to Germany are flirting with recession and China’s economy is slowing significantly. The US is alone in seeing continued modest growth. The softening global economy is reflected in falling goods exports here at home. Yet, the full squeeze of higher rates on consumers and businesses is yet to come. Ireland is not in a recession, but neither is it immune to the troubles of our trading partners.

Gerard Brady: Employers face significant additional wage bills driven by Government pledges

Start Date November 30, 2023
Time 09:00 - 14:00
Duration Half day
Delegate Price Member
€450 (+VAT),
€495 (+VAT)
Location The InterContinental Hotel
Type Conference and Summit