EHS monthly updates

Subscribers will receive a monthly update including a details list of all new EHS legislation which have been added to the EHS Hub.

The EHS Legislation Hub provides a list and summary of relevant legislation. For each piece of legislation there is a brief description of the implications of the legislation. Each of these can be viewed on-line and identified as 'relevant' or 'not relevant'. Based on your selection a single document can be generated to list and give details of all legislation relevant to your activities.
When you have done this the first time this selection will remain when you log-in at a later date. This allows you to update your selection as your company activities change.

Each month the EHS team will email you a link to each EHS Legislation added to the EHS website allowing you to immediately view a description of the new legislation and the relevance to your company activities. When you have reviewed the legislation you can select if appropriate and this will be added to your full listing of relevant legislation.

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Our EHS Legislation Hub provides subscribers with details of ongoing and new developments in Environmental Health and Safety legislation both nationally and at a European level. Subscribers receive updates on a monthly basis and are able to identify and produce bespoke reports on the progress of environmental legislation pertaining to their company. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your company.

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