Looking for some inspiration?

We've pulled together some ideas to inspire you as you plan for National Workplace Wellbeing Day. We're all learning to work in new ways, and this new approach will be reflected in wellbeing activities now and into the future! The most important element during these times is staying connected to and communicating with your people.

These activity ideas will get you started, but you can also take a look at our twitter feed to see what other companies are planning. Wellbeing supports don't have to cost the world either - there are countless free initiatives and activities that you can build into your plan. Don't forget to check out our partner offers page to see what they have lined up for the day and find out how to get involved.

Whatever activity you choose to do, remember to tweet your activity and share it by tagging #WorkWell22 and @WellbeingdayIrl

Ideas for National Workplace Wellbeing Day activities 

A lot of what you would have done previously for National Workplace Wellbeing Day can still be done virtually, using the many collaboration and sharing apps and platforms that are freely available. We’re presenting some ideas here to help you activate the day and break the sense of isolation your staff may be feeling and to help them with their fitness and healthy eating. Many of our suggested activities are also being facilitated by our partners, which you can find on the partner offers page:

• Hybrid/in-person meditation and mindfulness practice
• Hybrid/in-person guided fitness sessions
• Hybrid connect sessions including team lunches, water cooler or coffee break moments
Hybrid/in-person briefings and live Q&A sessions with wellbeing practitioners
• Internal competitions (baking, healthiest dish, share your workstation, fitness-related. etc.)
• Online/in-person access to medical, counselling and nutrition advice
• Lunchtime 5K - encourage your staff to share a photo of their healthy walk at lunch, and share a collage with us on twitter by using #WorkWell22