We're delighted to bring you a range of classes and activities offered by our wellbeing partners. They are free and open for you to build into your schedule on National Workplace Wellbeing Day! We'll be adding to the below list over the coming weeks so check back soon. 

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Our bodies and brains love it when we move but it’s easy for the hours to slip by when we’re engrossed in tasks and projects. Let today, the National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2021, get you moving during the working day and give you the nudge to include more movement into every day. Click the link below for a 30 minute Zumba®️ session, use the student code FRIYAY and have fun loosening out all your muscles and joints and moving bits you didn’t know could move! Zumba®️classes bring you around the world via the different rhythms and music. Enjoy! 


Hauora is a performance wellbeing and growth partner that through bespoke, evidence-based engagements, empowers all to build and sustain better habits.

Optimal breathing patterns are crucial for stress relief and performance enhancement. We take approx. 20,000 breaths a day...so understanding how to breathe efficiently is important for longevity, mental health and physical fitness. As Eckhart Tolle said - "one mindful breath in and out is a meditation". David and Ciaran will take you on a journey to learn about breathwork, how to test your breathing capacity - and how to train to breathe better today.  Happy National Workplace Wellbeing Day from Hauora! Find out more about who we are and what we do at www.hauoralife.com

Copy and paste this link to join the breathwork workshop @12:30 pm Friday 30th April >>> https://youtu.be/PHsvY2_Hhl0

Copy and paste to view an animated video Live Now >>> https://youtu.be/YziNqUaFPaE

To celebrate National Workplace Wellness Day, we are delighted to be giving away 5 prizes of 10 x Boojum Meal Kits for your team.

Our innovative, hassle-free Boojum fajita meal kits have been hugely successful for employee engagement and wellness projects, as we take care of all the logistics and deliver a restaurant quality experience direct to your employee’s door, anywhere across Ireland. The kits are packed with fresh, high-quality ingredients including our unique blend of Boojum seasonings and salsas and contain everything needed to cook up a tasty Mexican experience in as little as 15 minutes. If your business or organisation is interested in placing a group order of 10 or more, get in contact here

For your chance to be the office hero and win 1 of 5 packages containing 10 x Boojum Meal Kits , enter here

Yoflicks is a comprehensive wellbeing platform offering play on demand and live classes for your workforce. Tailored for the most common issues we all experience such as anxiety, low mood, depression, lack of motivation, Yoflicks tailors yoga, meditation, pilates, relaxation and other programs to effect positive change. Live classes allow teams to stay socially connected in a healthy and fun environment whilst working at home or at work. Each class is designed for different goals and levels.Our corporate offerings are: Health Plus - 300+ on demand classes, new content added every week, weekly live HIIT Yoga classes.

Health Premium - 300+ on demand classes, new content added every week, weekly live HIIT Yoga classes and live private weekly sessions designed for your team. To mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day

Yoflicks is offering all registered companies a 7-day free trial for their Health Plus plan. You can register for the free trial by clicking here.

Food Sustainability 101: Our Carbon Foodprint’ with GIY, (series launch) 12:30pm

The launch event for this webinar series will ask “How sustainable is our food, and what are the impacts of our daily choices?" Each month examines an area of the food system, from diet diversity to fair food, to growing sweet potatoes in Ireland, to Irish bees, and finds #ailychanges that build the food system we all deserve.

Our guest this month is Dr. Tara Shine. An explorer, policy advisor, and social entrepreneur, Dr. Shine is the recent author of the book: "How to save your planet one object at a time". As she states: "Finding a solution to the crisis facing our planet means we have to change everything – even the objects we use on a daily basis" For any webinar event attendees, we will also be offering a 10% discount on all GIY store products. Happy National Workplace Wellbeing day. To register for the webinar, click here!

Sarah is a STOTT trained Pilates Instructor with over 11 years experience teaching Pilates to the public, corporations, government offices and now, online classes. Sarah will take you through a lively 30 min Pilates class targeting the abdominals, glutes and back muscles. There will also be added focus on stretches and mobility to help combat the emerging Pandemic Posture. Hopefully see you there!

Click here to register for the 7:30am Pilates class on 30.04.2021.   Click here to register for the 1:00pm Pilates class on 30.04.2021

Anyone who registers is also welcome to attend any or all of Sarah’s open schedule classes for week ending 30/4 - https://www.the34thvertebrae.com/online-classes. After you've registered for one of Friday's sessions, email Sarah info@the34thvertebrae.com and she will send you the link for the week.

DONALSKITCHEN.com is a one stop recipe platform. Fronted by Donal Skehan, well known cook and TV personality, the subscription-based platform promotes care-free cooking and a healthy eating community. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy every meal they cook.To support companies and organisations in growing their own healthy eating community during #workwell21, we are offering a special subscription offer, starting at just € 25 per person*. These special rates are only available for one week so, to surprise your team with their own access code, please contact Amy, amy@mintstudios.ie as soon as possible and help your team discover their love of food!

Workplace Wellbeing Day Special Offer

Length of subscription

3 months

6 months

12 months

Price per subscription

€ 25

€ 40

€ 60

*Prices are inclusive of VAT

Gillian Hynes is a personal trainer and fitness expert with over 15 years of industry experience. Gillian is the founder of Body Project www.bodyproject.ie which specialises in weight loss and lifestyle transformation. Gillian works with individuals and also corporate clients on their staff wellness. Follow Body Project on Instagram and Gillian on Linkedin.

To celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing Day, Gillian is offering exclusive access to her training programme via two live fitness classes on the day! 
Click to register for the 7:30am class   Click to register for the 12:30pm class


Susan Keane is a mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher and ECR TM coach and a KeepWell Mark assessor. Having over twenty-five years’ experience working for a wide range of organisations, Susan understands businesses and advises clients on developing and implementing sustainable corporate wellbeing strategies. Her approach is practical, with a focus on engaging in initiatives that supports an organisation’s culture through behaviour change using tools like mindfulness. To mark the day, Susan offering free, 15 minute guided mindfulness sessions throughout the day. 

For more information and to join the sessions, click here.

Declan Treanor

Telework-life balance for greater energy

Declan has his own health and wellness company called Performance Treanor. He works with individuals and groups to increase health seeking behaviours. He's running two sessions on Friday 30th April with a limit of 100 attendees per session. These sessions will cover:

  • The importance of mini breaks from an energy, stress management and personal productivity standpoint (energising movement routine with staff as part of this).
  • Internal distractions, external distractions and mental blind spots – how to deal with these effectively in our personal and work lives to guard our precious time.
  • Why rest and rejuvenation are as important as the work we do – bringing our best selves to all elements of our lives is strongly influenced by the quality of our downtime.

Register for the session at 9:30am     Register for the session at 3:00pm 

A Time for Quietness – 45 minutes of mindfulness and visualisation to reconnect with ourselves.

Not just on National Workplace Wellness Day 2021, but each day whether you’re working from home or onsite during lockdown can be a time that can feel lonely or isolating for people. Please take some time out for YOU to stop, slow down and take a breath as we invite you to join our SOS Facilitator Patricia in a virtual community where we will connect with each other through some mindfulness and visualisations. We will spend time together, even though we are apart, and carry that sense of connectedness forward into our lives.
This workshop is kindly funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention and by our amazing fundraisers throughout the country.

Click here to register for the 10am session. For information on other SOS programmes, click here.

Looking for a ready-made wellness event for your colleagues? GOAL’s latest event ‘Good Vibes by GOAL’ has you covered.

This weeklong wellness event will help staff to feel good through these challenging times. Re-engage and recharge with our online sessions ranging from a healthy cooking workshop and yoga to talks from leading experts in wellness, motivation and resilience.

Taking place from 26th – 30th April, Good Vibes by GOAL is the perfect way to help employees feel good, whatever their interests. And unlike other virtual events, your registration fees will empower GOAL to support some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Once registered GOAL will send you your pack making it easy to promote the event internally. For more information click here or contact events@goal.ie.

Since 1991, KOS have been working with companies and individuals as the leading provider of ergonomic office furniture in Ireland. Join “7 Steps to Creating an Effective WFH Strategy” on  30th of April 2021, for a 1-hour webinar with senior ergonomic consultant James Kennedy. The seminar will cover:

  • WFH Impact on Employees
  • Legal Implications (through Covid-19 and beyond)
  • 7 Steps to Creating an Effective WFH Strategy
  • What is a compliant remote ergonomic assessment?
  • Case Studies on successful roll-outs of programs

Grab your free virtual seat while they last. Please click here for more information and to register.



The Wellness Crew delivers wellness activities and project management services to organisations across 4 main pillars of employee wellness namely Mind, Money, Fit and Food. This year for NWWD we are focusing on Financial Wellness.

On the 28th April at 11am, Nick Lawlor, MD of Employee Financial Wellness and a director of The Wellness Crew will be discussing the 3 core pillars of a successful financial wellness workplace intervention, namely Measurement, Education and Communication. This session is aimed at those responsible for developing a wellbeing offering.

On the 30th April at 11am Nick will be covering Employee Focused Financial Wellness. This session is to help individuals understand how to make sensible based financial decisions.

Register for 28th April webinar (employers)       Register for 30th April webinar (employees)

Ealú Experiences is a unique Irish company featuring a collection of curated 'experiences-in-a-box', specialising in corporate gifting. To celebrate the day, they have created a one-stop solution for companies to give the gift of wellbeing and boost team morale. You can choose from the range of gift boxes in their 'Wellness Collection' to send to your team, or create your own bespoke boxes. You will then receive free access to their live line-up of wellness workshops on Friday 30th April from 11am - 3pm, featuring renowned Irish talent:

  • Juicing workshop with vegan food blogger and cookbook author, Holly White.
  • HIIT workout with Jamie Martin-Grace from FFS Gyms.
  • Resilience talk with resilience coach and best-selling author, Siobhan Murray

Click here to check out the brochure for full details, or get in touch with them via email: sales@ealuexperiences.com 

Looking for ways to celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day with your employees? The Fruit People are a premium delivery service supplying the freshest fruit, snacks and fridge & pantry products to offices, workplaces, and employee homes nationwide. Our Remote Worker Snack Packs include a mouth-watering selection of the freshest fruit and healthy snacks and provide a welcome wellbeing and motivational boost. Our team take care of all the logistics and make it as easy as possible to send your staff a treat to mark the special day! 

Click here for more info and to order. Order your packs by Thursday 22nd April to ensure delivery for Workplace Wellbeing Day. 

Positive Parenting – Supporting parents & children while working from home
Aoife Lee regularly appears on Virgin Media’s Ireland AM show as their parenting expert & The Dermot & Dave Show on TodayFM for ‘Mind Yourself Now’. Her webinars are a safe space where participants can chat openly about their experiences.

In this session she will be talking about how we can support the children when feeling anxious and as they continue adjust to change. She will also be chatting about balancing working from home and the benefits of managing expectations & boundaries on the day to day challenges of parenting. The information is aimed for parents of children of pre-school, primary school age & teenagers.

Click here to find out more and book a place.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland today. With over 13,000 cases being diagnosed annually, it accounts for over one-third of all cancers diagnosed. Yet most skin cancers could be prevented. This short webinar will focus on what increases our risk of getting skin cancer,  what changes in the skin to look out for, how to check our moles for changes and choosing a sunscreen’.

Your presenter, Bernie Carter, is an Assistant Director of Nursing with the Marie Keating Foundation and she has over 25 years’ experience working in oncology in Ireland, UK, Australia and Canada. The Marie The Foundation also hosts remote wellbeing initiatives to help increase your overall health and reduce your risk of cancer. An example of this is their Your Health, Your Choice Challenge available for registration here.

To attend the skin cancer awareness webinar please click here or share the link with your employees.

Beproductive.ie is a Productivity and Wellbeing consultancy that helps people turn their busy work lives into productive ones. Being productive helps people get more done with their time which gives them a greater sense of achievement about their working day.

Each year Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne delivers Wellbeing Webinars to mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day. This year our webinar will focus on practical tips to boost productivity and wellbeing working from home.

Moira will share tips from 8:30-9am and then take questions from the group until 9:15am. A copy of the Turn Busy into Productive tips card will be available for all attendees.

This webinar is fully booked. To register your interest for future sessions please email moiradunne@beproductive.ie



Suzy Kell is a Decluttering Coach based in Dublin (www.suzykell.com), with a passion for helping people conquer their chaos at home. When you know the psychology behind your decluttering decisions and how to discard in an eco-friendly way there is nothing stopping you from creating an inspiring corner of your home where you can truly do your best work (more tips on Instagram @suzykelldecluttering).

To inject some calm back into your WFH space, Suzy is offering a 30 minute Decluttering Master Class where she’ll cover:

  • Why Clutter is Bad for Us
  • Getting Control of your Workspace
  • How to Get Started Decluttered Now

Register for the 12noon webinar here   Register for the 4pm webinar here


Om Wellness is run by Susannah Morrissey, a Wellness Consultant who specialises in designing and delivering corporate well-being programmes. She is a qualified Yoga and Meditation Coach and is passionate about developing people and positive workplace mindsets through her engaging workshops. To celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing Day initiative, Om Wellness is offering employers and corporates Wellbeing Talks, both live on the day and pre-recorded, at a special discounted rate to mark the day. 

For more information and to book please click here.

As an employer, do you feel that your employee's productivity has dropped and their stress levels increased?  The pandemic has had a major impact on everyone emotionally and psychologically and can be especially difficult for staff working remotely. The workplace well-being workshops from therapyandtraining.ie can be tailor made to your needs, and the team are offering focused, one-hour workshops to celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2021. These workshops are an opportunity for employees to take a step back and acknowledge the enormity of all that we are experiencing, remind themselves of the resilience skills that have helped them through so far and feel re-ignited with a new energy and determination to pull through these tough times.'

Click here for more information or to enquire.



Ciall Health offers bespoke health, wellbeing and nutritional advice for employers and their employees. A healthy and happy workforce is an essential component of a productive and sustainable business.

The health of our gut, is an important factor in our performance at work. We are offering a free webinar for all employers and employees, on how to support their gut and minimise the impact on their performance.

Join us on Friday April 30th at 1pm for “The facts about gut health”.

If you would like to register for your business or as an employee, please click here to register.