Each year, we're delighted to promote a range of classes and activities being offered by some third-party wellbeing providers. They are free and open for organisations to build into their activation schedule on National Workplace Wellbeing Day!

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Leading a Wellbeing Organisational Culture in a Hybrid World

Research in the area of Hybrid work is still limited and understanding the challenges that leaders face in this new conceptualization of work is extremely important, especially when it comes to creating a culture of wellbeing.

The webinar will focus on some of the struggles presented by leaders and the necessity of further investigation in this area.  The webinar, delivered by Dr. Adele Grazi will take place on Friday April 26th, 2024 at 1pm. 

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Productivity Power: 3 Mind Fitness Tips for Success at Work - 26th April 10:AM
Overtake us and crush our productivity. This Mind Fitness talk is packed full of  practical ideas and tips to help you:

  • Deal with Challenges and Setbacks
  • Reset and Rebalance your Mind
  • Move Forward in Any Situation

These tips can help you take control of your time to boost your wellbeing and productivity. 

This talk is presented by Productivity and Wellbeing Consultant, Moira Dunne, CEO of beproductive.ie.

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Corporate on-site massage
15 Minute Miracles!

  • Zest at work corporate massage is a short, seated massage treatment tailored for the office environment.  
  • A welcome employee perk with the added bonus of promoting good health.
  • Relax as our team of stellar therapists deliver amazing massages that will help unwind back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 
  • Our easy to use booking tool allows your team to book and manage their own appointment times so its stress free all round!

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Workplace Wellbeing Morning with Talks & Laughter Yoga Workshop
Join us on April 26th for an inspiring National Workplace Wellbeing Event in Galway. We have engaging talks by wellness experts, including sessions on developing a resilient mindset with Tony Og Regan, and the power of writing for personal well-being with Fidelma Healy Eames. Dive into laughter yoga for an uplifting experience with Spud Kennedy. We have a 20% discount for companies that have registered for the event.

For more information: Contact us

20% discount for National Workplace Wellbeing Day registered companies: Book here

Join Niamh from Better Workday to learn her end-of-workweek routine.  

  • Review and take control of your workload
  • Switch off for the weekend
  • Start each new week with a clear head and a sense of calm 
  • Say goodbye to the “Sunday Scaries” and hello to a better workday. 

Niamh helps people create a better workday by changing how they manage their time, energy and attention at work.  Book here 


Blank Canvas Your Health and Happiness - April 28, 03:00 PM
Imagine you could have a blank canvas on which you can create a happier and healthier life?

Look no further! In this reset and replenish session with health coach Declan Treanor you will be enabled to take a fresh, almost childlike outlook on beginning again with fresh and uplifting habits.

The session will revolve around small and gradual improvements on mind, body and soul which can have a huge impact over a lifetime.

Click here to join the session at 3pm on the 28th.

Peer-Support Workplace Wellbeing Programme:
An intensive, two-day evidence-based programme led by experts in mental health, it is designed for companies to support their employees navigating difficult circumstances that could impact their workplace wellbeing. It trains personnel within companies to support each other enabling them to have a structured but supportive conversation in a safe and non-judgmental space. Training covers:  

  • The mental health continuum
  • Assessing stress levels 
  • Managing distress, recognising more complex symptoms
  • Motivational counselling skills to encourage help seeking behaviour

To book, please click here. Quote ‘Ibec’ at the time of booking.

Conscious Leadership Transmuting Energy that Elevates - April 28, 10:00 - 10:45am
As a leader, you hold the power to ignite a transformational spark within workplaces, inspiring positive change and creating a ripple effect that resonates throughout the world. To harness the full extent of your power, start prioritizing your own well-being and join our 45 minutes session to learn how to:

  • Shift your physical, mental, and emotional state to lead consciously.  
  • Show up mindfully to handle workplace stressors and challenges.
  • Be a leader that inspires and empowers others to be their best selves.

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Kickstart your Wellbeing
Get your wellbeing off to a flying start! This workshop will help you to articulate your wellbeing goals. We will focus on holistic wellbeing, exploring each element of wellbeing, including thinking about your goals for your physical, nutritional, social, and financial wellbeing. We will cover practical tools, tips and techniques to create a plan for your personal wellbeing success and includes templates to help you to formulate your wellbeing plan.

Webinar available to view any time, from April 24th onwards! Click here to view.



How to help manage the impact of stress with your nutrition!

For a third successive year Ciall Health are delighted to be supporting NWWD. This year we will be providing a free short video on how to help manage the impact of stress with your diet.
We believe in a practical common sense approach, so here we talk through are some easy tips for increasing the foods that will nourish, provide energy and nutrients to your body to sustain you in times of stress.
Register here to learn how small sustainable changes in what you eat, can support a healthier work life, without adding more stress to our already busy lives!



How to feed a hybrid work life?
Are you tired of sifting through conflicting nutrition advice and still feeling unsure about what to eat? You're not alone. Denise Wogan understands the struggle, and she's here to help. In this pre-recorded webinar, Denise and COO of Kara Connect, John McElligot, tackle 10 burning questions about nutrition and wellbeing, giving you practical tips to start implementing right away. And that's not all! To celebrate National Wellbeing Day, Denise is offering 4 lucky attendees a complimentary one-on-one session to discuss their nutrition-related queries. Don't miss out on this opportunity to fuel your passions at work, at home, and at play. Email denise@foodee.ie to secure your one to one this Friday between 12.00-1.00pm.

Webinar Recording is available here 

Mindfulness at Work: Simple Practices for Managing Stress and Improving Wellbeing, Apr 28, 2023 09:30 AM
The working environment is complex, and now with the added addition of navigating hybrid working, organisations are seeking tools to build resilience and connection amongst staff.  Increasingly research identifies mindfulness as a tool when implemented in a sustainable way promotes mental health and strengthens collaboration amongst employees. In this live webinar Susan will cover both the personal benefits of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can be integrated into the workday to build mindful team habits. The discussion will be followed by a short mindful practice. Susan Keane, is an accredited mindfulness teacher, former chair of the MTAI Workplace Mindfulness Group and  and Ibec KeepWell Mark Assessor.

To secure your place, book here.

Online Pilates Class 

To celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing Day here at Mum-Time we are giving you guys FREE access to an online Pilates Class that can be viewed at any time that suits you! Mum-Time empowers women and promotes workplace wellness with a wide range of online classes. From Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Self Defence, Dance, Strength, Pregnancy Friendly classes, Postnatal rehab & more! 
Just grab your mat, follow the link and hit play! Book here


Slow Flow Yoga Class - 28th April practice will be from 1pm-1:45pm via Zoom 
Suitable for all levels of fitness. Join this 45 minute yoga class during lunch time to stretch out and make space in your body through a series of beginner friendly, opening yoga poses which are ideal for mitigating the strain a desk job can have on the body. 

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Get back life to work balance with 3 empowering practices for you - Apr 28, 2023 03:00 PM
In today's, always on mode we as individuals have lost the balance between being and doing!

In my short 30 minute webinar on 28th April , Susannah will offer you a taster of how to reset the imbalance between being present and being distracted with 3 mindful strategies.
Powerful and useful takeaways to help you re-prioritise what is most important.

Click here to register for this free taster event.

See Change is hosting an online webinar ‘Mental Health Judgement in the Workplace’ on 27th April from 10-11am.
Join us to celebrate the positive changes that are being implemented by workplaces and to learn about:

  • The importance of workplace diversity and inclusion
  • What workplaces can do to help end mental health judgement
  • How to prevent mental health judgement in the workplace
  • What we can all do to help end the unfair judgement of ourselves and others

Register here 

Pilates with Sarah Finn
In this class, we'll focus on healthy posture restoration. You will need a good-sized towel for the class to use for stretching. No one wants to look hunched over and feel neck and back pain. So, together we'll work on lengthening and strengthening the affected muscles using mobility exercises & Pilates with a dash of yoga. This class is suitable for everyone. Oh, and don't forget your towel!

P.S. Anyone who registers is also welcome to any of my open scheduled classes for the week ending 5/5/23 - https://www.sfinnx.com/online-classes.  Let me know which class you would like to attend so I can send you the link (email: info@sfinnx.com)

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5K Walk & Talk in The Phoenix Park - 28th April, 07:30AM
Workplace Wellbeing Ireland is organising a 5K Walk & Talk in the Phoenix Park to help start Workplace Wellbeing Day in the best possible way.

We'll head for a light 5K stroll at 7.30AM so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. There’ll be porridge afterwards and more conversation and fresh air than you can shake a stick at. We’ll be finished in plenty of time for you to make it to work. 

What better way to kick off Workplace Wellbeing Day with your team.

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Take Control of Your Career: Reach Your Full Potential 
Are you looking to enjoy your work, progress in your career and reach your potential? Join Terry O'Brien in a 30-minute webinar where he shares insights on how to build career confidence and progress within your company. You will learn:

  • the #1 secret to build success without moving job or company
  • how to build confidence and advance in your career 
  • 3 tips to increase your career wellbeing and happiness at work. 

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The Mindful Cycle tuning into your menstrual cycle - 28 April 10:00-11:00AM 
Join Paula from Apple Blossom Holistic in this exploration of the menstrual cycle as a tool for your wellbeing! Celebrate period positivity and learn about mindful menstrual practice! Tune into your unique inner rhythm by discovering more about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, what is typical, the hormonal, energetic and emotional fluctuations and how to implement self-care for each phase. Through the lens of mindfulness, connect more deeply to yourself.

Register here

Workplace Wellbeing Day - Workplace Resilience Workshop - Friday 28th April online @10am.

Take 45 minutes out of your day to reflect on your resilience and learn how to develop it further as we continue to work through challenging times - Linda Breathnach MIACP; Psychotherapist, Trainer and Founder of www.therapyandtraining.ie will put a pep in your step as you head into the Bank Holiday weekend, reminding you of your strengths and resources that will help you reset and rejuvenate!  You've got this!
Book your free place now!   
Go on! You deserve it! Book here


How to Eat to be 100! - Friday 28 April 10:00-11:00AM 
How to eat for optimal health, energy and longevity! In this webinar we will cover:

  • The key dietary principles for living longer
  • Where we are going wrong and how we can change
  • Simple changes that can greatly improve your health and help you live longer

If you want better health and energy, make sure to click here to reserve your place. 


Financial Wellbeing - Tax Refunds - It's your money, let’s go get it! - 28 April 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Free webinar that could put a substantial amount of money back in your pocket. Taxback will cover everything about how to maximize your refund.  Discover the most underutilized tax reliefs and learn how changes in your circumstances can help you unlock a significant refund.

Every year, hundreds of millions of euros go unclaimed in tax refunds. Don't let your money slip away – take advantage of this opportunity to claim what's rightfully yours. It's time to prioritize your financial wellbeing.

Register now to secure your spot!

Guided Breathwork (28 April, 12:00pm) & Healthy Movement Essentials (28 April, 15:00pm)

  1. Breathwork is accessible and actionable. This webinar consists of a 45 minute practice, for focus and deep rest, a breakdown of the techniques and discussion.
  2. At its very basic level, healthy movement should feel less stuck, less sore, less tired. This webinar introduces 4 of the essential 8 techniques to support whatever movement aspirations you might have. Myofascial release - Glide - Hydration -Elasticity. *You will need clothes to move in, a small space, a large towel and a tennis ball for best results

Book guided breathwork here and book healthy movement here.

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