Each year, we're delighted to promote a range of classes and activities being offered by some third-party wellbeing providers. They are free and open for organisations to build into their schedule on National Workplace Wellbeing Day! The below activities have all passed, check back in 2023 for more.

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How to eat to 100

In this talk, Dr. Ailis Brosnan, Plant-based Wellness Expert, will share some of the latest research on what the best diets for our health and longevity are. In this engaging and informative talk you will gain lots of useful tips that you can immediately put in place to ensure that your diet supports your health and helps you feel energised and full of vitality. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers too. 

Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

Work-life balance in a Hybrid world

Join the early morning webinar (8:30am) to hear Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne share tips on how to:

- How to make productive plans when splitting time between home and the office
- How to optimise your routine working from home
- How to get the most from your days in the office

The format includes 30 minutes tips share from Moira followed by a Q&A session where participants can get answers to their own questions. The Hybrid Working Weekly Planner template will also be available to access after the session.

This event is now at capacity - to register interest in a future event, please contact: moiradunne@beproductive.ie 

Webinar – Supporting digestive health during stress, 12.30pm on Friday 29th
In this 20-minute lunchtime webinar we provide an overview of the impacts of prolonged stress, awareness of the impacts on the body with special focus on the digestive system and what actions can be taken for greater balance.

Register for the Ciall Health – Supporting digestive health webinar here

Free 30min Personalised Nutrition Sessions (call) with a Nutritionist, to kick start your health at work, 9.30am -1.45pm, Tuesday May 3rd
Opportunity to work 1:1 with a Nutritionist and discuss some of your key concerns regarding nutrition and lifestyle. 

Book your free 30min consultation with a Nutritionist here

The Mindset Piece - Managing Conscious Connections in the Workplace12-12:45pm, Friday 29th.

This session will explore how incorporating a framework for developing conscious connections in the workplace is a key component of a wellness strategy. Underpinning conscious communication that sets aside perceptions, unconscious biases, and societal/personal beliefs that dictate an individual’s personal back story. In keeping with the evidence that shows that a healthy workplace improves the lives of those who work there, a wellbeing strategy incorporating conscious relationships/connections can positively affect employees in a variety of ways.

When your wellness strategy is clearly defined your organisation can develop a set of clear and easy steps designed to make your workplace healthier and happier, with your employees becoming your brand ambassadors, making your company a desirable place to work.

To register please click here

This workshop examines the importance of Work Life Balance & Self-Care for busy employees who are experiencing overwhelm and blurred boundaries between their work and personal lives.

It helps you to examine your current work life balance, develop future balance and boundaries, explore a range of self-care tools and techniques and build a self-care routine which works for you. It will help you embed a balance and boundaries to give you more energy, more focus, feel healthier and happier across all elements of your life.

This workshop is pre-recorded and available to attend from 25th to 29th April. Click here to register and download the workshop recording. Attendees will also receive a complimentary workshop workbook. 


Positive Parenting – Supporting working parents & children post pandemic, Friday 29th of April @ 10am.

In this one hour webinar Aoife will be talking about how we can support our children’s emotional wellbeing & behaviours post pandemic. She will also be discussing balancing work & home life while encouraging the daily routines and managing expectations & boundaries on the day to day challenges of parenting and work. Includes Q&A’s.

Please note this session is full, to make an enquiry about organising a session with Aoife, please contact: aoife@parentsupport.ie

A unique webinar to help remove the stress from your finances. This session will look at some of the real financial topics that are causing stress in Ireland today. We will look at proven ways to help you be Financially Well including:

  • Tips to help you deal with the high inflation rates right now!
  • Mortgages and Property
  • Setting financial goals and achieving them
  • More useful tips and tricks that will help you avoid surprises for your financial future.

The session is being run by Nick Lawlor, Managing Director at Employee Financial Wellness at 12pm on Friday 29th and is free to attend! Employee Financial Wellness are one of Ireland’s top specialists in providing unbiased Financial Education Programmes to employees. To book your place on this webinar: Register here

Hauora Life - Practical tips to Combat Burnout

This video provides a brief overview of burnout, a common condition in the modern world, with causes, symptoms and practical tips discussed.

To view the video (live at 09:00 Friday 29th) click here.

Declan, of Performance Treanor is running a mind, body, soul energiser to put pep in your step! The theme for this year is our social impact so we will be looking at holistic health and how feelings of overall wellness can help us in our interactions with others and wider society.

The session is at 2pm on the 29th for 30 minutes and will cover:

The “hour glass technique” mindfulness practice.

  • A desk break movement game (have an empty bin and two scrunched up balls of paper ready).
  • A short laughter exercise for good vibes.
  • A “mudita” exercise to up our feelings of goodwill to others!

Click here for the Zoom link.

Introduction to Mindfulness, 11am-11.30am (30 mins) on 29th April

Join us for this introduction to Mindfulness training where we help you to understand and develop a compassionate self-awareness to promote resilience and positive self-care. Training will be delivered by Frank Liddy, Lead Mindfulness Practitioner for Inspire Professional Services. Frank has worked in the community care voluntary mental health sector for over twenty-five years and is the founding Director of Belfast Mindfulness Centre

To register, please click here.


Conserve your emotional wellbeing - Sustainable wellbeing in the workplace of 2022

In this talk, Om Wellness presents how wellness now encompasses a full 360 view of the individual within an organisation, now a flexible model of hybrid working where promoting sustainable wellbeing benefits individuals and organisations to create a thriving or as Bill Hettler defines “thriving as a psychological sense of vitality and wellbeing”

To join this 25 minute group session (on Microsoft Teams at 11:30 on Friday 29th) – please click here.

Enquiries to: susannahmorrissey@omwellness.ie for other, customised options.

Your Wellness. Living healthier & more fulfilling lives. Friday 29th April

Free 30min 1:1 Reiki Treatment with Lorraine, well-known Reiki Master & Teacher. As people focus on their health & wellbeing they’re turning to Reiki as part of their wellness plan & future. Reiki Therapy is a powerful natural healing energy.

Reiki benefits can include: boosted energy levels & immunity, increased sense of relaxation & a calm mind, improved self-confidence, motivation, empowerment & inspiration.

To book your free 30min treatment, contact StrawberryMoonHolistic@gmail.com to agree a suitable time.

Panel discussion on cultural change & mental health in the workplace. April 29th at 12pm

Join SOS for the annual Workplace Wellbeing Day on April 29th, as we talk to our guest panel about changing organisational culture with regard to mental health.
It is now a business imperative for employers to look strategically at employee mental health and wellbeing. At Suicide or Survive we work with organisations to support them to create an open culture around mental health. Changing organisational culture requires a top-down and bottom-up approach and a commitment from all involved to breaking stigma both internal and external. Join SOS as we discuss culture change around mental health with our special guests.

To register please click here

Happiness and the Workplace - A call for more.

Happiness in work can play a part in our overall happiness – namely because of the sheer amount of time we spend at work. Join Patricia for this short webinar which will focus on some general principals of happiness as well as looking at aspects such as why it is important to be happy at work and some components of a happier work-life as well as some practical ways of increasing your happiness at work – whether you are in a job you love or one you don’t

For more information and to join register for the 9.00am session, please click here.

This workshop is kindly funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention and by our amazing fundraisers throughout the country.

Mindfulness challenges our habitual ways of reacting. Susan has over twenty-five years working with businesses and is an expert in implementing sustainable and impactful mindfulness programmes in the context of the workplace that support cultures where people can thrive and creativity is encouraged.

To register for the 11:00am mindfulness Session Click Here
To Register for the 2pm mindfulness Session Click Here
To register for the next Mindfulness in Business Series starting April 28th or to discuss how to adopt a sustainable approach to mindfulness in your organisation click here.

What if getting dressed wasn’t stressful? Learn how to declutter your work wardrobe for a curated, smart and comfortable closet to do your very best work in, with expert tips from Professional Decluttering Coach, Suzy Kell. Learn how to maintain fewer, quality items to reduce your impact on the environment. Book in now to avoid disappointment! 29th April 2022: 12noon and 4pm.

Click here to sign up!

Taxes in Ireland – Everything you need to know | Webinar 
Friday, 29 April @ 12pm 
Many people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to staying on top of their taxes and finances. 
So, we’re here to help! Why not join our webinar to discover everything you need to know about Irish tax? From your tax relief and credit entitlements, to who should file a tax return – we’ve got you covered! 
Don’t miss out! Save your seat today. 

Interested in signing up to offer our Financial Wellbeing Service to your employees? Sign up in May to be in with a chance of winning 5 free tax reviews for your employees. 
Find out more about our Financial Wellbeing Service and register for a call back today

Looking for ways to celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day with your employees?

The Fruit People are a premium delivery service supplying the freshest fruit, snacks and fridge & pantry products to offices and workplaces. This year, we have some fantastic options available to celebrate the special day! Why not greet your employees with a delicious and healthy breakfast? Our Breakfast Morning Pack includes some healthy breakfast treats to start their day off the right way and provide a welcome wellbeing and motivational boost. We also have our mini snack packs available that include some brand-new delicious, healthy snacks, both sweet & savoury!

Order your Breakfast Morning Packs / Mini Snack Packs before the 15th of April to ensure delivery for Workplace Wellbeing Day! Click here for info.

These are challenging times in an ever-changing world presenting ongoing issues like Covid-19, the Ukraine invasion, The Great Resignation and ever-increasing energy costs and inflation. How can we cope with this? How do we maintain our resilience?

This talk will be presented by Linda Breathnach MIACP from www.therapyandtraining.ie. Linda is a qualified and accredited Psychotherapist who has worked at the frontline of mental health with over 20 years’ experience of counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups in therapeutic and corporate spaces. Employees will leave this talk with a pep in their step – feeling empowered, hopeful and motivated.

There is no set fee for this event, all donations will be made to support the Irish Red Cross, Ukraine Crisis Appeal." To register, click here.

Join  Terry O’Brien for insights on what your career wellbeing should look like and how to make it happen. The format is a 30-minute session with Terry followed by a Q&A with participantsWhat will be covered:

  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to healthy career wellbeing and happiness at work
  • How the 5 elements of career wellbeing affect your motivation, fulfilment and performance
  • Strategies to align you career with your unique priorities, interests and needs

To register for the 11:30am session Click Here

To register for the 2:30pm session Click Here

Pilates with Sarah Finn - Nemesis workout for the Pandemic Posture! 1pm 29th April

In this class we will focus on healthy posture restoration. You will need a good sized towel for the class to use for stretching. No one wants to look hunched over and feel neck and back pain - so together we'll work on lengthening and strengthening the affected muscles using mobility exercises, Pilates and a dash of yoga. This class might get a little lively at times but don't worry, it will be suitable for everyone. Oh, and don't forget your towel!

Click here to register. Anyone who registers is also welcome to any of my open schedule classes for the week ending 8/5 - https://www.the34thvertebrae.com/online-classes. Let me know which class you would like to do so that I can send you the link. Most welcome to all 6!

Join our lunch break webinar (1:30-2pm)  to learn more about Workplace Wellbeing within the organisational context. The webinar will be led by Dr Adele Grazi who will guide you through the following:

  • How “Wellbeing Washing” exists within organisational settings and it’s detrimental effect.
  • How we learn and adapt to the Workplace Wellbeing culture.
  • The importance of a strong Workplace Wellbeing culture if we really want to enhance employee’s wellbeing.
  • Which organisational norms need to be enhanced to create a Workplace Wellbeing culture.

To Join via Zoom please see this link

In addition, we are happy to offer those interested, a 20% discount on the cost of our CPD in Workplace Wellbeing, further details of which can be found here. To arrange, contact us directly and quote IBEC20.

Workplace Wellbeing Ireland is organising a 5K Walk & Talk in the Phoenix Park to help you start your day in the best possible way.

We'll meet just before 7.30AM at the Hole in the Wall car park on Blackhorse Avenue by the Phoenix Park. We'll head for a light 5K stroll in the park so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The Hole in the Wall have kindly offered to provide porridge afterwards so there'll be plenty of time for a chat during and after the walk. We'll be done and dusted by 9.30AM.

Register here!

This free webinar hosted by Zevo, featuring some leading wellbeing specialists will cover:

  • Leadership and workplace health
  • Taking breaks and psychological/physical health
  • Balance when the workday structure re-adjusts
  • Psychological safety and the link with hybrid working and team culture
  • Collaboration – connecting and working with a dispersed team
  • Self-care in times of transition

To register for the webinar at 10:00am on Friday 29th, please click here.