Each year, we're delighted to promote a range of classes and activities being offered by some third-party wellbeing providers. They are free and open for organisations to build into their activation schedule on National Workplace Wellbeing Day!

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Practical & Informative Free Sessions from 4 Experts in Holistic Wellness

Four of our Experts will be available via Zoom, on the day, for you to avail of their knowledge and experience. Time slots and information available on the link below.

  • Professional beauty tips to improve self esteem in the workplace.
  • Proven techniques to alleviate Stress at Work and in everyday life.
  • Practical activities to remove drain on performance.
  • Top Tips on how to visualise what you want to achieve in every health area.

Take action now towards the realisation of your personal wellbeing and professional goals!

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Leading a Wellbeing Organisational Culture in a Hybrid World

Research in the area of Hybrid work is still limited and understanding the challenges that leaders face in this new conceptualization of work is extremely important, especially when it comes to creating a culture of wellbeing.

The webinar will focus on some of the struggles presented by leaders and the necessity of further investigation in this area.  The webinar, delivered by Dr. Adele Grazi will take place on Friday April 26th, 2024 at 1pm. 

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Workplace Peer-Support Programme
An intensive, two-day training led by experts in mental health, it is designed for companies to support their employees in navigating difficult circumstances that could impact their workplace wellbeing. It positions personnel within companies to support each other and centres on having a structured, supportive conversation in a safe and non-judgmental space. It covers:

  • The impact of mental health
  • Assessing stress levels
  • Managing distress, recognising more complex symptoms
  • Motivational Counselling Skills, how and when to encourage professional help
  • Positive Coping Strategies and building resilience
  • Quote Ibec for free spot

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Productivity Power: 3 Mind Fitness Tips for Success at Work - 26th April 12:NOON
In today's fast-paced work environment, with lots of deadlines, requests and distractions, stress can overtake us and crush our productivity.” This Mind Fitness talk is packed full of practical ideas and tips to help you:

  • Deal with Challenges and Setbacks
  • Reset and Rebalance your Mind
  • Move Forward in Any Situation

These tips can help you take control of your time to boost your wellbeing and productivity.

This talk is presented by Productivity and Wellbeing Consultant, Moira Dunne, CEO of beproductive.ie.

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This free webinar hosted by Gym Life Wellness explores shift work and its impacts on employee wellbeing. From productivity to decision making controlling your day is a factor in achieving your goals. 

This introductory Webinar covers: 

  • Synergy of Wellness
  • Shift Patterns and You.
  • Nutritional Strategies 
  • Movement Planning
  • Sleep health.    

Access the Webinar here.

Corporate on-site massage
15 Minute Miracles!

  • Zest at work corporate massage is a short, seated massage treatment tailored for the office environment.  
  • A welcome employee perk with the added bonus of promoting good health.
  • Relax as our team of stellar therapists deliver amazing massages that will help unwind back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 
  • Our easy to use booking tool allows your team to book and manage their own appointment times so its stress free all round!

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Navigating your way through peri-menopause and into Menopause can be a tough roller coaster ride.
When you get the behind the screens information and start to understand what is happening with your hormones it starts to makes sense. In this short presentation Nichola "The Queen of Health" will guide you through the Whys, What's and the how to. She will show you how to implement simple yet effective lifestyle changes (without going on a restrictive diet) that will really start to support your journey and get you the results you deserve.

To secure your place, book here.

Supporting Working Families - Finding the Balance
As part of NWWD, Aoife Lee, Founder of Parent Support & Accredited Parent Coach will be hosting a 45 minute webinar ‘Supporting Working Families - Finding the Balance’ at 10am.

The session is free to attend, prior registration is required. Aoife will be discussing The importance of managing our expectations. Coping with feelings of guilt & encouraging self-care. Balancing work & home life while encouraging the daily routines, Top tips on how we can encourage the children to listen and follow positive directions.

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See Change is hosting a free online webinar on "Recognising and Addressing Mental Health related Stigma in the Workplace" on 26 April from 10 - 11am. 
Join us to hear more on: 

  • Creating awareness of mental health stigma
  • The lived experience of those with mental health difficulties
  • How we can work towards reducing stigma in the workplace  

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The Mindful Cycle approach to PMS - Practice More Self-care
Feel hijacked by your period? PMS got you feeling overwhelmed?

Join me to learn how you can transform Pre Menstrual Stress into Practice more Self-care.

An hour of beginning to understand yourself on a deeper level, through connecting to your menstrual cycle and cultivating a practical sense of how to put your needs first. Mindful moments included!

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Building Balance & Boundaries
Embark on a 30-minute journey of self-discovery with our Building Balance and Boundaries workshop.

Designed for busy professionals struggling with work-life balance and blurred boundaries, this session offers invaluable insights into prioritising self-care and reclaiming control. Explore techniques to evaluate your current balance, establish boundaries, and integrate sustainable practices into your daily routine.

Take the first step towards achieving harmony and wellbeing in both your professional and personal life.

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Embrace Your Values, Elevate Your Leadership
Join The Inside Job to rediscover your core values, paving the way for self-development and conscious leadership in the workplace. Reconnect with what truly matters to you and harness it to create positive change in your professional life.

Discover the significance of values—guiding principles that shape your actions and decisions—and understand why they're crucial for authentic leadership.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills.

Register now for our webinar and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

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Fit and Fab over Forty (or Fifty!): How to create vibrant health in your 40's and beyond
Join Dr. Ailis for an empowering webinar tailored to professionals over 40! Discover practical strategies to enhance your fitness, nutrition, and mindset for optimal well-being in the workplace and beyond. Learn how to incorporate physical activity into your busy schedule, make healthier food choices, and cultivate a positive mindset for improved productivity and happiness.

Gain insights into creating health for life, ensuring you age gracefully and enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle for years to come. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your long-term health and vitality. Sign up now to unlock the secrets to thriving in your prime!

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Workplace Wellbeing Morning with Talks & Laughter Yoga Workshop
Join us on April 26th for an inspiring National Workplace Wellbeing Event in Galway. We have engaging talks by wellness experts, including sessions on developing a resilient mindset with Tony Og Regan, and the power of writing for personal well-being with Fidelma Healy Eames. Dive into laughter yoga for an uplifting experience with Spud Kennedy. We have a 20% discount for companies that have registered for the event.

For more information: Contact us

20% discount for National Workplace Wellbeing Day registered companies: Book here

How to claim your Irish Tax Refund
Join us on National Workplace Wellbeing Day for a free webinar that could put a substantial amount of money back in your pocket. At the event, we'll cover everything you need to know about Irish taxes and how to maximize your refund. Discover the most underutilized tax reliefs in Ireland and learn how changes in your circumstances can help you unlock a significant refund.

Every year, hundreds of millions of euros go unclaimed in tax refunds. Don't let your money slip away – take advantage of this opportunity to claim what's rightfully yours. It's time to prioritize your financial wellbeing. Register now to secure your spot and let's go get your money back!

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50% off Decluttering Guides and Online Coaching
Use the discount code to get my decluttering guides and workbooks, as well as virtual decluttering session (via Zoom) 50% if you make a purchase before 31st May 2024

- PDF Bundle: 101 Easy Things to Declutter and What to Do with Them

- All Virtual Decluttering Sessions

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Introduction to Workplace Wellness, a FREE 90 Minute Workshop for HR staff and Wellbeing Champions.
Taking a positive approach to a mental health strategy is not just a good wellness initiative, it is an essential part of running a successful organisation. Mental health plays a vital role in productivity, functionality, and overall wellbeing of employees.

To celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day 2024, we here in SOS invite you to experience our Introduction to Workplace Wellness workshop at no cost to you or your organisation.

This is a 90-minute session delivered online by our highly experienced facilitators. The workshop aims to:

  • Break stigma in the workplace.
  • Create a common language around mental health and provide staff with the tools to open the conversation about mental health.
  • Address issues such managing stress.
  • Explore how your thinking impacts your mental health.

​There are only 25 places available, to register, please click here

This workshop will serve as an introduction to our suite of Workplace Wellness offerings.

Workplace Wellbeing Exclusive: 20% Off Rapt's Essential Set
Experience the art of Japanese forest bathing with Rapt's exclusive offer:

• Designed to channel nature into your space, encouraging mindful pauses and a tranquil escape.

• Perfect for fostering a culture of appreciation and care, whether in-office or remote.

• Specially crafted for the workspace, featuring our uplifting face mist and soothing hand cream, eco-consciously and ethically produced in Ireland.

• Infused with natural essential oils to promote both physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Emotional Resilience Super Tools
Mastering our difficult emotions and managing unhelpful thoughts are the new superpowers we all require in today's demanding world.

This 30 minute mindfulness based free webinar equips you with some invaluable tips:

  • How to tame the Monkey Mind.
  • How to manage overwhelm better.
  • How to manage anxiety better.

Join me for some invaluable tips to help you cope better on a zoom session @9.15am-9.45am on Friday 26th April

Click here to access Zoom link.