An employers guide to mental health in the workplace

This guide provides information and direction for line managers  in promoting mental wellbeing for all and understanding and  supporting employees experiencing mental health problems while in the workplace. It highlights strategies to manage issues related to mental health in the workplace. It is a source of practical help and acknowledges the role of line managers as key players in addressing mental health problems in members of their teams, dealing with mental health problems in the workplace and underlines the importance of intervention at an early stage.

The guide is structured as follows:

  • Chapter one will outline what we mean when we refer to mental health and highlight   some of the pertinent data in this area for employers.
  • Chapter two examines how wellbeing can be promoted in the workplace.
  • Chapter three looks at recruitment and the key areas to remember.
  • Chapter four outlines how to create an environment which will encourage employees to  safely disclose any mental health problems.
  • Chapter five offers ways in which line managers can be aware of signs that employees  may be in need of assistance and suggests ways in which support and action can be  engaged in.
  • Chapter six covers aspects of the management of mental health problems and how the  line manager might respond while the employee is unwell, upon return from a period of  absence and on an on-going basis.

Finally, a number of useful resources are contained at the back of the guide which highlight organisations that may have further expertise and suggestions for assistance.

This toolkit is not a legal guideline. This toolkit provides the tools, tips and advice that will help employers to develop good working practices for dealing  with mental health, wellbeing and employment issues.

An Employers Guide to managing stress pdf | 788.9 kb