Through our campaigns we aim to ensure that the industry is recognised for the positive contribution it makes to the economic and cultural landscape and that the economic environment is conducive to drinks enterprise.


Our #mydaymyway campaign illustrates the strong evidence Ireland’s drinking habits are changing for the better. People of all ages are drinking more moderately and less, in particular the Gen Z cohort. The latest data from Revenue shows that alcohol consumption in 2022 was down on pre-Covid levels, with the long-term trend also showing that consumption continues to decline sharply, down 30% since its peak in 2001.



#SláinteToThat is a campaign that aims to celebrate the drinks industry in Ireland.  As part of this campaign we brought Doireann Garrihy to a number of locations around Ireland and went behind the scenes of Ireland's vibrant drinks industry.  Visiting these sites allowed us to educate Doireann on the heritage of drinks manufacture in Ireland and introduce her to some of the more innovative and unusual techniques being used by Ireland's drinks entrepreneurs.


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Depth & Diversity

Many unique characters, but one shared spirit. Exploring the people, place, craftmanship and celebrated home of Irish Whiskey.

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International Trade

Irish drinks companies rely significantly on international trade.  Drinks Ireland category associations work to ensure that international markets continue to be a viable for growth and expansion.


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