Our #MyDayMyWay campaign illustrates the strong evidence Ireland’s drinking habits are changing for the better. People of all ages are drinking more moderately and less, in particular the Gen Z cohort. The latest data from Revenue shows that alcohol consumption in 2022 was down on pre-Covid levels, with the long-term trend also showing that consumption continues to decline sharply, down 30% since its peak in 2001. 

Drinks Ireland commissioned cultural insights agency Bricolage to carry out research to understand the lifestyles, behaviours and ideals of younger people in Ireland. 
Emerging evidence suggests that Ireland’s drinking culture is changing for the better, driven by Gen Z who are a potential beacon for “Better Socialising”, which is all about having greater balance.




For the next instalment of the #MyDayMyWay campaign, we are highlighting the growing trend of young people opting for premium experiences and products. Younger people are drinking less and when they do, they are more inclined to attend an experience, such as cocktail making to learn more about the products they use rather than a traditional pub experience.

Check out the GastroGays creating a cocktail class below to highlight premium Irish products and learn to present their creations.

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From finding time to hike with friends, to enjoying a catch-up in the pub, research shows that young people in Ireland are finding more balance in their weekends. Our third #MyDayMyWay video illustrates how young adults are extending their weekends, often more activity-led and daytime-focused.

Check out the Saturday in the Life from our ambassador Nadia El Ferdaoussi, featuring a coffee and catch up, a walk with friends at Ticknock, and a drink in the Blue Light.

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For the younger generation, research shows that socialising is about enjoying diverse and authentic experiences, making quality connections, and learning and exploring their passions. Our next #MyDayMyWay highlights how young people in Ireland are making socialising work for them – it’s less restricted and more spontaneous. This is all the more true after 2 years of Covid restrictions.

From fishing to a pint, Darren Conway took us along on an afternoon in his life to illustrate this!

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There is a growing trend among Gen Zs around being more mindful about how they socialise with alcohol with “better socialising” leading to a “better drinking culture”. More and more, activities are daytime focused and about enjoying diverse experiences. This focus on outdoors is often married with fun activities such as karaoke, games nights and “Drink & Draw” events: alcohol isn’t the focus but having a drink or two can be part of the wider experience.

Fionnuala Jay recently went to a Drinks and Draw event to find out more

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Key Messages

For Gen Z events and occasions are no longer centred around alcohol, and are often more daytime focused and about extending the weekend.

For the younger generation, socialising is about enjoying new diverse and authentic experiences, making quality connections, and learning and exploring their passions.

More digitally savvy, younger people consider how they want to feel from a new experience.

With a ‘better socialising’ mindset, they are activity-led and more focused on their health.

Seeking more memorable, distinctive and shareable experiences, younger people are keen to try new and engaging things both online and offline.

Amplified by Covid, these occasions and the spaces they take place in are less restricted and more spontaneous.

For younger people in Ireland, social occasions are centred around conviviality and no longer around alcohol.

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