Since its creation in 1974, Irish Cream Liqueur is one of Ireland’s most successful spirit categories, loved by millions of people around the world.

Irish Cream Liqueur is unique to Ireland - a blend of fresh Irish dairy cream in a flavoured/sweetened alcohol base containing Irish Whiskey and other permitted ingredients.

In 1989 Irish Cream Liqueur became a protected European and United Kingdom Geographic Indication (GI) which means that it must be produced on the island of Ireland. The GI protects the integrity and quality of this unique category and the investment being made by our members in production and employment on the island of Ireland.

Despite these protections, there are a number of non-Irish cream products in the marketplace that aim to imitate authentic Irish Cream Liqueur.

Our #ExploreIrishCream campaign and report seek to promote Irish Cream Liqueur and address the growing threat of imitator products. 

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Discover / Cocktails

Irish Cream Liqueur can be consumed on its own but is great for cocktails. Here are a few cocktails to try: