Our Priorities

The Irish drinks industry is proud of the communities we support in every town and city in the land, as well as the support we give to farmers, whose grain, milk and apples we buy. We are proud too of the world-leading brands we make, which help put Ireland on the map. This publication reflects the fact that Ireland’s attitude to alcohol continues to change and mature.

The policies spelled out in this report are practical, balanced and considered and will support, in turn, a critical Irish industry.

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Discover / Our Pillars

Spreading prosperity through Irish communities

 Growing the rural economy

An industry rooted in rural Ireland…

  • 10,000 people directly employed
  • 170,000 employed in the sector
  • 300,000 tonnes of grain used from Irish farmers

Bringing Irish drinks brand to the world

Driving exports

An exporting industry...

  • Drinks exports approaching €2 in billion 2022
  • Irish Drinks products are shipped to over 120 markets around the world
  • The trend of premiumisation of Irish Drinks gives a strong reputation abroad

New ways to enjoy what we make

Inspiring Innovation

An innovating industry...

  • Ireland produces hundreds of drinks brands
  • Number of Irish Drink producers has grown to 250 across Ireland
  • Constantly innovation with 0.0% beers and spirits, providing consumer choice

Fostering change in Ireland drinking culture

Female with 3 wine glasses

Promoting responsibility

An industry committed to promoting moderation..

  • Consumption in Ireland has decreased by 30% in the last 20 years
  • Producers continue to grow 0.0% market with new product offerings
  • Comply with the strictest regulation of advertising, promotion and sale of alcohol
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Delivering on our national climate change targets

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Embracing sustainability

A sustainable industry...

  • Investing in carbon efficient technology and processes at our sites
  • Delivering on circular economy plus reduced and recyclable packaging
  • Promoting sustainability initiatives such as the Teagasc Signpost Programme

Bringing people together             

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Supporting the experience economy

An industry with people at its heart...

  • Irish Drinks industry is at the heart of the experiecne economy
  • Distilery and Brewing visito centres welcomed 2.4 million vistitors
  • Irish Drinks industry supports hundres of festivals, cultural everns and sporting ocassions

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