Our #TogetherAgain campaign illustrates the continued work taking place in venues, with support from the drinks industry, that has helped support the wider opening of the sector.

With indoor hospitality open for over a month now, our campaign highlights how the re-opening has come as a relief to many in the sector and has been welcomed by customers who have missed their favourite local or exploring and trying out new venues.

While not all parts of the wider industry, such as the events and live music sector, are open, the industry continues to support them as they prepare to be #TogetherAgain.

Before the re-opening, we created a video series involving some well-known drinks brands and venues exploring how the drinks industry has worked closely with pubs throughout Ireland to ensure they were ready for a safe and sustainable opening.

#TogetherAgain video series / Explore

At the most salient of times we go behind the scenes of The Palace Bar in Dublin City as part of our #TogetherAgain campaign. Described by Irish poet and novelist James Kavanagh as the “most wonderful temple of art”, join us as we meet Willie Ahern and speak to him about the reopening of this historic bar which has been in his family for generations.

With the support of his colleagues in the hospitality industry and drinks suppliers he believes he is ready for a full reopening, as is the case for the majority of the bars of Ireland.

The #TogetherAgain video series goes behind the scenes of the Guinness Raising the Bar initiative. As the Covid pandemic continued and hospitality venues remained closed, Guinness saw a need to remain connected with hospitality workers and help them ensure they were ready when the pubs of Ireland finally reopened.

Learn how this important initiative provided much need practical training and invaluable inspiration to the hospitality professionals of Ireland.



We go behind the scenes of The Porterhouse Brewery Co in North Dublin and Porterhouse Central on Grafton Street. In the early days of Covid the drinks industry was quick to make contact with their customers and arrange for the collection and safe disposal of kegged product.

As the pubs of Ireland open once again we learn about how the drinks industry continues to be an important ally to the hospitality sector.

In the next #TogetherAgain video, co-owner of the Harbour Bar in Bray, John Duggan, explains how the hospitality sector has had massive support from the drinks industry during the very difficult challenges the pandemic has presented.

Brian Browne, On Trade Sales Director of Irish Distillers, discusses how Irish Distillers has helped its pub customers throughout the pandemic and has a team of ambassadors across the country, who have had the opportunity to be upskilled ahead of the reopening.

In the final #TogetherAgain video co-owner of Byrne’s Irish House Clodagh Doyle outlines the safety measures they put in place to ensure that we can enjoy our pub visits in the safest way possible including installing perspex dividers and introducing signage so everything is clear for customers.

Clodagh also explains how she missed her customers dearly and why she’s excited to see their faces again.

Key messages

  • It’s been a long year, but it’s time to get #TogetherAgain
  • A lot of work has gone into making sure we’re all safe as we get #TogetherAgain in pubs, restaurants and hotels, which means we can enjoy ourselves without worrying
  • We’re all well-used to the safety measures, such as social distancing between tables, limits on numbers, mask wearing between tables, and in some cases online booking and virtual menus.
  • There’s plenty of hand sanitizer, cleaning by hospitality staff and, where possible, windows will be kept open, with plenty of ventilation
  • These measures won’t be with us forever, but you can rest assured that you’ll be safe when you’re #TogetherAgain
  • With support from partner drinks companies, you’ll notice plenty of brand new outdoor bars, barriers, barrels, and a range of other items that have made outdoors spaces functional, safe and most of all ready to host a drink and catch up between friends and families
  • Our country’s dedicated hospitality staff have been provided with additional training and upskilling

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