Ireland is the place where whiskey found its name, the home of whiskey distilling, the country that has produced whiskey for longer than anywhere else.

Irish Whiskey is defined by its people & places: the craftmanship of the distillers and blenders; and our celebrated home on the island of Ireland, on the very edge of Europe, where the continent meets the roar of the Atlantic Ocean.

Irish whiskey has a depth and diversity unrivalled among other whiskeys. Many unique characters, but one shared spirit.

There’s always a new Irish Whiskey brand or expression to discover - on the shelves of your off-licence, liquor store and online.

Irish whiskey can be enjoyed straight or on-the-rocks, and it works wonderfully in mixed drinks. Cocktails demonstrate the versatility of Irish Whiskey, its complex flavours and overall balance makes it perfect for mixing. Many styles of cocktails can be elevated with an Irish whiskey, be it ‘Whiskey Sours’,
‘Hi-Balls’ or even ‘Expresso Martinis’.

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A guide to our unique spirit

Irish Whiskey isn’t a single brand or style. Even its subcategories like blended Irish whiskey, grain whiskey, malt whiskey and pot still Irish whiskey aren’t just of a single, homogenous character.

Delve into the depth and diversity of Irish whiskey with this short guide to our unique spirit.

Discover 15 reasons why Irish whiskey is different, from our latitude and longitude to our craft and craftiness.

Learn how history has influenced how Irish whiskey has survived and thrived; and shaped our traditions of distilling and craft of blending.

Download our guide to a unique spirit

Our guide is also available for for Japanese consumers and businesses here.

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Craft your own cocktails

For many decades, Irish Whiskey has captured the love of cocktail drinkers worldwide as the essential ingredient in the world-famous Irish Coffee, but now, Irish Whiskey cocktails of all styles are on the rise.

Cocktails demonstrate the versatility of Irish Whiskey, its complex flavours and overall balance make it perfect for mixing.  

Bartenders love the variety which Irish Whiskey brings to their counter, the fruitiness, spiciness and wonderful textures that allow them to build fantastic drinks while expressing their own creativity. 

Whether you work in a bar or just mix it up at home, find out how to craft your own Irish whiskey cocktail and mixed drink.

Craft your own cocktail recipes here or

Download our cocktail booklet here

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A unique style of whiskey. A masterpiece of smoothness and flavour, brimming with warmth and depth. Every glass of Irish whiskey is a distillation of the whole island of Ireland. It’s all in there. The green fields. The gentle rain. The dramatic history. The warmth and approachability. The legendary creativity. A perfect reflection of authentic Irish character and personality.

The Irish Whiskey category boasts a wide variety of expressions to suite every taste and occasion. Take some time and browse our brands.

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