Ireland may be a small island, but it has a big whiskey tradition. In fact, Ireland is the home of whiskey. It’s where whiskey distilling started and where whiskey got its name.

These days, we are making more Irish whiskey than ever, in some of the world’s most sustainable distilleries. Irish whiskey continues to be the world’s fastest-growing and most exciting spirit.

This year, the Irish Whiskey Association encourages you to discover what’s new with the world’s most exciting whiskey.

In this section you will find exciting new content and videos including:

  • A special booklet: “Discover what’s new with the world’s most exciting whiskey category?”
  • A guide to crafting your own Irish whiskey cocktails
  • A guide to Irish whiskey and food pairings – with renowned chef Jp McMahon
  • Information on Ireland: Home of Whiskey


Enjoy Irish whiskey responsibility

Discover what’s new with the world’s most exciting whiskey category?

Irish Whiskey isn’t a single brand or style. It is many unique characters, but one shared spirit. The depth and diversity of the category means there’s always a new Irish whiskey to taste; and there’s an increasing wealth of premium Irish whiskeys to savour and explore

Irish whiskey is there to be enjoyed. Enjoy it straight or on-the-rocks, with a mixer or in a cocktail, not least an Irish Coffee; and enjoy Irish whiskey with food. Irish whiskey also pairs perfectly with food -from artisan cheeses to seafood cured meats and much more. But add Irish whiskey to the food fare and you have an unrivalled flavour-filled experience.

Download our new booklet on Irish Whiskey

Craft your own cocktails

For many decades, Irish Whiskey has captured the love of cocktail drinkers worldwide as the essential ingredient in the world-famous Irish Coffee, but now, Irish Whiskey cocktails of all styles are on the rise.

Cocktails demonstrate the versatility of Irish Whiskey, its complex flavours and overall balance make it perfect for mixing.  

Bartenders love the variety which Irish Whiskey brings to their counter, the fruitiness, spiciness and wonderful textures that allow them to build fantastic drinks while expressing their own creativity. 

Whether you work in a bar or just mix it up at home, find out how to craft your own Irish whiskey cocktail and mixed drink.

Craft your own cocktail recipes here or

Craft your own cocktail recipes here

From Farm to Fork

From farm to fork and from grain to glass, did you know Irish whiskey and food go perfectly together?

The depth of diversity of Irish whiskey pairs perfectly with the finest and freshest food on the island.

From Irish cheeses to seafood – oyster – and grilled prawns- from cured meat to barbequed meats to even chocolate, add an Irish whiskey and get ready for an explosion of the senses – as whiskey and food marry together to bring out the most exquisite and intense flavours of Ireland.

The Irish Whiskey Association has worked with Jp McMahon, a renowned Irish Michelin star chef to develop tips on Irish whiskey and food pairings.

Irish whiskey and food pairing guide here

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