Here’s to what we love, who we miss, to where we’re headed and why we’re called...

Our members are a vital part of the communities in which they operate, not only as valued employers, but as active corporate citizens.

  • The drinks industry takes its role in Irish society extremely seriously. And while it makes a vital contribution to rural economies across the country, producers also run a range of initiatives benefitting local communities
  • Our industry joined the national effort to respond to the Covid-19 crisis in many different ways, including through producing sanitising products (or producing alcohol for such products) and making donations to support unemployed bar workers and charities working with more vulnerable groups in our society
  • During the pandemic our industry provided extensive financial support to  customers in the hospitality sector as they endure rolling lockdowns which restricts their ability to operate
  • Leading drinks companies contributed to 7,359 community connections and 235,681 volunteer hours on the Business in The Community Impact Map
  • Many of Ireland’s whiskey distilleries in provincial towns have moved into vacant industrial premises, replacing the enterprises that had previously operated there, as well as lost jobs. This trend looks set to continue, with more developments planned