Teeling Distillery – How it kick-started the urban regeneration of Newmarket

January 01, 2021

The Teeling Whiskey Company was founded in 2012 to revive the old Teeling family trademark of Irish whiskey and bring craft distilling back to the City of Dublin. At the core of our strategy was to return to our Dublin distilling roots where Walter Teeling had a craft distillery in Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties area of the city and to revive the art of making world class Dublin Whiskey. In the 19th century, the seal of Dublin on your bottle meant quality and craft and it was mainly from the Dublin distilleries that Irish whiskey was exported around the world during the last Golden Era for our national spirit. Now that we are enjoying a new Golden Era it was only right that Dublin and Teeling Whiskey are adding to the choice and breadth of the Irish whiskey category.

It took near three years of blood, sweat and tears to first locate a suitable site then going through all the regulatory hurdles as the first urban based distillery in Ireland to go through a modern planning process to the challenges of building a distillery in a city centre location. But as they say all good things come to those that wait and it was a very proud day in 2015 when we fired up our stills as the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years. We are honoured to have brought the tradition of distilling back into the heart of Dublin city centre with the opening of our distillery. Distilling is in the fabric of our city and our family — for us this is more than a beginning, this is a revival which has been proven with the opening of three other Dublin distilleries very near to us over the last few years.

Today, the Liberties is experiencing a revival. Design studios nestled between ancient weaver’s workshops, student accommodations and modern office developments are evoking a new local spirit, and – reimagining a heritage gone before - Whiskey is being distilled in Dublin once again. Through a focus on crafting unconventional Irish flavours, we are forging a new future for Teeling, Dublin, and Irish Whiskey.