The Irish Whiskey Association is the representative voice within Drinks Ireland working to promote, protect and represent the Irish Whiskey category globally

The association was founded in 2014 and currently comprises 47 members companies representing distillers, independent bottlers, bonders and brand-owners who, between them, account for:

  • 98% of global sales
  • 95% of production output
  • 95% industry employment

The association operates on an all-island basis.  


Irish Whiskey 360°

Irish Whiskey 360° leads you deep into the homes and heartlands of Ireland’s extraordinary distilleries. Your journey will take you North, South, East and West, through ever-changing landscapes, from rugged coastlines to historic cities.

Along the way, you’ll meet the distillers and blenders who craft the distinctive texture and flavour of each locality. And you’ll explore how people and place, culture and tradition shape the taste of the many characters in the Irish Whiskey family