About us

Childhood Services Ireland represents the coming together of the full spectrum of both private and community childcare providers in Ireland. The scope and depth of our Council reflects the diversity of the childcare sector in Ireland and is comprised of well-established and respected providers and sectoral advocates.

Alec Flood                                           Little Rainbows
Conor Lynch                                        Fonthill Lodge Daycare
Dearbhla Cox Griffin                          Giraffe Childcare Limited
Ida Lane                                               Treasures Montessori Preschool
James Hargrave                                   Little Harvard Childcare Ltd
Niamh Leeney                                     Narnia Nursery School Ltd
Phyllis Reddington                              Reddington Childcare Centres Ltd
Regina Bushell                                    Grovelands Childcare Ltd
Sonya Duggan                                     Kilminchy School House