Ireland is the leading centre for aircraft leasing globally and as a high growth sector of international financial services representing $100billion of assets, this is something we are very proud of. As such, the primary aim of ALI is to work collaboratively with the Irish Government and state agencies to ensure Ireland retains this leading position.

Aircraft Leasing Ireland (ALI) is the group representing the aircraft leasing industry in Ireland and is dedicated to the continued development and success of Ireland's aircraft leasing industry. It is composed of C-suite executives from leasing companies with a presence in Ireland. ALI has an independent policy mandate, steered by the ALI Council. 

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Aircraft Leasing Ireland, led by Elizabeth Bowen, represents and supports a broad and diverse mix of members from Irish aircraft leasing sector. The team keeps members informed on policy through in-house briefings, provides industry updates, research.

For any queries, please contact on 01 605 1500.