The use and enforcement of mandatory retirement ages has become an increasingly difficult area to manage for employers.

Better health and the subsequent increase life expectancy together with the limiting of family size has created a demographic where people are seeking to work longer. This together with the pension cost crisis with social and government policy focusing on an employer’s right to set a retirement age and encouraging flexibility in the provision of longer working leading to a commitment in the 2020 Programme for Government to examine sustainability and eligibility issues with State pensions and the Social Insurance Fund together with a further commitment to introduce a pension auto enrolment system.

Following the publication of the Report of the Commission on Pensions and the Oireachtas Joint response to this Report the Government announced in September 2022 a series of landmark reforms to the State Pension system in Ireland and on the 10 October 2022 the Government approved the General Scheme of Auto Enrolment Bill.

While we await legislation in this area this seminar will look at the proposal for reform of these three main interconnected areas; the reform of the State Pension age, the reform of the ability for employers to fix mandatory retirement ages and the introduction of an auto enrolment pension system. How will these reforms affect employers and what are the dos and don’ts in managing these challenges.

Ibec’s employment law service team, along with Ibec’s Knowledge Centre and pension experts from AON Ireland will bring you through the background and the policy position examining both the current system and the proposed reforms so members can be as well prepared and well informed in this critical area. You will also have the opportunity to hear from others attending the event and to ask the questions that are relevant to your organisation.


Start Date February 15, 2023
Time 09:30
Duration Half day
Delegate Price Member
€294 (+VAT),
€336 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events