A two-day workshop-based approach to team development, delivered on-site for member companies and priced per participant team.

This course is also available as a four-day remote experience (same price applies).

Participant Outcomes by end of TLS Lab:

  • Awareness: Of the criticality for teams to adopt a continuous learning culture and way of working, starting with the positioning of this programme as a ‘lab’ that kicks off an extended (and ultimately never ending) period of ‘clinical trials’.
  • Learn How To Learn: Using the HILL method and principles.
  • Insight: Into their strengths (at the individual and team level), as well as mindsets and behaviours that may not be serving them well and gaps in capabilities based on: Pre-work self-assessments; ah-hah moments during TLS Lab interactive exercises; and exposure to research from the neuroscience of leadership, positive workplace psychology and organisational development disciplines.
  • Understanding: The underpinnings of strong self- and other-leadership, effective team dynamics and goal setting/accomplishment by learning about several critical constructs and approaches including: Trust Model, Dysfunctions of Teams, Psychological Safety and Burnout Inventory.
  • Agency: Feeling empowered by exercising their agency during the TLS Lab to formulate their personal developmental goals and action plan going forward, and work with their colleagues to establish its team developmental agenda as well.
  • Sharing & Support: Opportunity to share best practices with colleagues, and seek input on challenges or problems during the TLS Lab, as well as a greater potential to continue this into the future given the stronger relationships established during TLS Lab’s interactive exercises.
  • Commitment: Greater commitment to follow through on personal and team action plans.
  • Action Plan: A clear plan of action for embedding the TLS Lab learning on team dynamics, self- and other-leadership, setting goals and making them happen, and several other learning points within each of those themes such as building trust and effective collaboration. As important, the action plan will specify how the team will embark on a continuous learning journey (leaving the ‘lab’ and entering the ‘field’) and turn learning into action by outlining a 3+month action plan to include further interventions such as accountability partners, share-and-snack or lunch-and-learn bite sized segments.
  • Confidence, Optimism & Urgency: That their team must and will make meaningful strides toward becoming a high performance team committed to continuous development, with improvements in team dynamics, member well-being and ultimately business impact.

The Engineering Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. For further information or to request other dates, please contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie and book here.

Start Date December 06, 2023
Time 10 am
Duration 2 days
Delegate Price €2,330 (+VAT)
Type Forums and workshops
Contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie