How we work is changing. Globalisation, rapid digitalisation, changing lifestyles and new consumer preferences mean jobs and careers are being transformed. And the pace of change is accelerating. This brings great opportunities, but also risks.

The new world of work is both more exciting, but also less predictable. To address this, public policy must focus on investing in an individual’s employability rather than maintaining roles that will eventually become redundant. It must prioritise an inclusive and lifelong approach to skills development. Flexibility, resilience and an appetite for learning must be ingrained in what we teach and how we teach it throughout the education system.

This report highlights the needs for employers, educators and government to work together and identifies practical recommendations to make this happen. This work is part of Ibec’s Smarter World, Smarter Work campaign. The campaign looks at how work and the labour market is changing and sets out an ambitious vision for our economy and our society. Crucially, it identifies what action we need to take now if we are to reap the rewards and avoid the pitfalls.

Future ready improving graduate employability skills pdf | 886.8 kb