Europe's digital future open for business

Irish business priorities for the 2019-2024 EU institutional cycle

The shape of Europe’s digital future matters. Ibec envisage a more competitive, smarter low carbon economy, with a sustainable enterprise base that provides quality jobs and enables a high quality of life. We envisage an outward looking, dynamic and successful EU, that provides the conditions for organisations and individuals to adapt to technological change and reach their full potential. Under the right conditions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are a suite of transformative technologies or systems that can enable that vision. Developing a strong European data economy and ensuring excellence and trust are crucial to that success.

Ibec and its members responded to recent public consultations by the European Commission on the future direction of European policy and regulation towards Europe’s data economy and AI.

To read Ibec’s priorities for Europe’s data economy and AI, download the reports.

Ibec Open Digital Future Data Paper pdf | 1348.4 kb Ibec Open Digital Future AI Paper pdf | 1744.7 kb